Haier HWM60-10 6 Kg  Washing Machine Review

Haier is a well-known brand in home appliances and they have been in the market for quite a long time. The Haier 6kg washing machine is one of the quality top-loading washing machines made by this reputable company. It washes all your clothes including other fabrics like your bed linen, curtains, and cushions clean.

The 6kg washing machine isn’t so big but is well suited for a family of four. It has a lot of functions that make your washing easy like the mix, wool, cotton daily wash, and many other wash programs included the washing machine. It also has a strong motor with a maximum speed of 700rpm.

Stainless Steel Drum

The washing machine is designed to last and has a stainless steel drum that can handle the pressure from the high spin speed of the machine.

Fuzzy Logic Control

This feature includes its sensors that will immediately show you the measurement of the clothes you put in the drum and it will also show you how much time it would take the machine to wash your clothes.

Memory Backup

When you experience a sudden power outage, the washing machine takes note of where it stopped during the washing process and continues from there when your power is restored.

LED Display

The LED display of this washing machine shows you everything that is going on with your washing. It lets you select your wash programs and other control settings on the machine.

Six Washing Programs

The preprogrammed wash settings allow you to wash all types of clothes. It also includes other settings like Mix, Synthetic, Cotton, Rinse, Daily Wash, Quick Wash, Spin and many others.

Double Level Spin Tub

You will enjoy washing clothes on this machine because of this special feature designed to care for your clothes.

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What Do We like

No Noise

You will hardly hear any noise coming from this washing machine when it is turned on. The spinning is almost silent which is great considering how noisy most washing machines can be.

Easy To Operate

The washing machine can easily be operated at home because all the buttons contain easy to read signs. You don’t need to read any complicated manual or take any special course to operate the washing machine.

What We Don’t Like

Low Water Level

The quick wash mode only works with the low water level. The machine should have been designed to work on all water levels.


The Haier 6kg washing machine is compact and will be a great addition to your home interior. It will be able to wash all types of fabrics and its steel drum will protect your clothes when washing. We recommend this washing machine for your home because of its performance and its durability. The washing has a two-year warranty and you will enjoy having this noiseless machine in your home.

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