Haier HTW85-186S 8.5 Kg Washing Machine Review

The Haier HTW85-186S washing machine is another quality product from the Haier brand. This home appliance is designed with a lot of easy to use features. The vortex pulsator technology in this washing machine allows you to get clean and sparkling clothes at the end of every wash.

Its 8kg capacity makes it ideal for a large sized family. The washing machine is built with quality and lasting materials to make you enjoy using it for a long time. It also comes with a comprehensive warranty of two years while the motor carries a warranty of five years.


Strong Drum

The Haier HTW85-186S is built with a very durable drum that can handle the fast spins of the washing machine. Even if you use the washing machine every day, it would not get damaged easily.

Magic Filter

The lint or residue that is usually in the washing machine during wash is collected by the lint filter to make sure you are extracting only clean clothes.

Vortex Pulsator

This unique technology gives you very strong water pressure that will penetrate through your fabrics to get out of the tough stains.

Wind Dry

The wind dry system is a very effective drying process that your clothes have to go through to remove any moisture on your fabric. The washing machine will dry your clothes well after washing and will leave you with fresh clothes.


The spary is the system that separates the water pressure to rinse your clothes properly. It would remove any foam hiding between your fabrics and ensure your clothes are cleaned better.

3 Wash Programs

You can always adjust the washing process on the washing machine by choosing any of the three wash programs. The wash programs come with different speeds and time settings. You can choose any of the processes that work best for your fabrics.

Anti Rat Mesh

You will see the anti rat mesh that is installed on this washing machine. It protects your washer from being attacked by rats.


The castors installed on this washing machine makes it easy for you to move it around the house. The castors can move freely on any floor without you having to exert any force.

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What Do We like


You can carry decide to use your washing machine in any part of your home. The castors make mobility very easy.

Magic Lint

The washing machine cleans clothes thoroughly and with this filter, it gets rid of residues and lint.

Rust Free Body

The washing machine has a plastic exterior that does not rust like the washing machines made from a metal material.

What We Don’t Like

There are no major cons to this product.


The 8.5kg washing machine has a very deep drum that allows you to wash heavy loads of clothes. This is one of the reasons why we would recommend you buy this product. It washes your clothes clean and it removes tough stains. This Haier washing machine will let you enjoy the value of your money.

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