Washing Machines Under INR 20000

Washing machines are no doubt essential gadgets in any modern home. Today, they have become quite popular for lowering down manual household chores.

And now, with a reasonable budget of under INR 20000, you can get impressive washing machines with tons of amazing features for a hassle-free washing experience.

Many brands like Godrej, Haier, LG, etc. offer washing machines under this range. Before you make an investment in a washing machine for your home, consider the important points that ensure you make the right decision.

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Types of washing machine you can get at under INR 20000

Fully automatic

These have an all-out operation and do not require any intervention once it starts washing. Fully automatic washing machines are known for their efficiency and worth considering if they prefer a faster and hassle-free washing experience.


As the name hints, these have a partially automated operation. It means you have to intervene manually to execute some operations such as adding water.


Front-loaders are distinguished by the front side opening from which laundry is loaded for washing. The front-loading washing machines are fully automatic ones. Otherwise, the features and operation may vary from one model or brand to another.

Top loading

Top loaders can either be fully automatic or have a partially automated operation. The key distinction, however, is the top side laundry loading position.

Features you can expect from washing machines under INR 20000

Smart water technology

The intelligent water technology is vital because it helps in adjusting electricity consumption based on the weight of the clothes. Smart water technology makes the appliances eco-friendly, given that it helps in saving the energy up to 40%.

Noise reduction

During the washing process, the machine is likely to vibrate, but there will be not much noise, thanks to protection covering the motor. Leading manufacturers have begun using true balance technology to reduce noise arising from the operations.

Increased wash programs

Typical washing machines under this value have a maximum number of 4 wash programs that serve well. The four wash programs imply four types of drum movement, which is responsible for a smooth wash experience.

Smart diagnosis system

Most manufacturers have included a smart diagnosis system by adding an LED display meant to notify the user about all cleaning activities automatically.

There is also an indicator that tells the user about the quantity of water level and a ringer intended to inform the user when the operation is done.

Top load washing

Most brands under this price value come with a top load washing design, which implies that you don’t have to bend when adding clothes to the wash cycle. washers with this feature often have a control panel on the top side.

Smart cleaning

Washing machines under this value have a turbo drum suitable for turbo cleaning. The appliances are also fully automated with a wash, rinse, and dryer systems. The turbo drum allows the machine to spins the water in one direction and the scrubber in the other direction, creating a fierce force for removing stains.

Spin shower

This critical feature is found in the majority of brands under INR 20000. Spin shower allows the washing machine to remove the residual soap left after the spin cycle. The spin shower feature prevents the detergent or water from returning to the system.

Standard speed rating for drying

Most models under this value have a speed rating of 700-750RPM suitable for drying. The washing machine with this critical feature can do a decent job and if you consider packing small portions of clothes in the wash drums.


Apart from the basic features found on these machines, each washing machine comes with unique characteristics.

There are a wide variety of models available under this price value. Therefore, it is vital to choose the right washing machine that resonates with your needs.

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