Fully-Automatic Washing Machines

These days, it’s no secret that washing machines have become a must-have in most households. And it’s because washers provide a convenient way to clean clothes and other related fabrics.

Now, if you venture into the market for a new washing machine, you’ll come across different models and designs offering wide-ranging features with equally varying functional capabilities. In this article, we want to focus on automatic washing machines.

Before you make an investment of buying a washing machine for your home, consider the important points that ensure you make the right decision.

What is an automatic washing machine?

As you might expect, automatic washing machines are designed to function from start to finish without requiring any intervention. 

At the touch of a button, washers of this kind complete wash cycle as programmed without stopping. It other words, an automatic washing machine will, for instance, fill in enough water, wash and rinse, drain water, and proceed to the drying phase automatically.

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How is it used?

In principle, once set, this type of washers automatically handles the cleaning from start to finish without any further input from the user. 

The washing machine is high tech comprising of innovative functional systems and sensors which kick in to spin, wash, and rinse not forgetting filling in water and wash detergents as well as draining remnants once the cycle is complete. So, in terms of operation, automatic washing machines come with the most advanced features.

Features you can expect from automatic washers

Front-loading or a top loading

The first thing to note, fully automatic washers are available as top loaders or front loaders. In other words, you have models that take up laundry from the front side while others load up from the upper side. In use, the position of loading doesn’t count much, so you have to look at other specifications to know what makes the cut for your washing needs.

Display and controls

While you may have to spend more to get a product with advanced features, generally, automatic washers come with a display and controls for user interaction. Most models feature a control panel with buttons/switches/dials for setting wash programs. In some high-end models, you have a touch-control interface. Nevertheless, you can exercise control from setting cycles to pausing and saving wash settings and so on. 

LCD/LED light display

Automatic washing machines also feature backlight indicators for the visibility of settings. The lighting often shows on/off status and countdown timer among other wash settings. The idea here is to allow visibility when using the machine in low light conditions.


Manufacturers of automatic washers are increasingly recognizing the impact of electronic gadgets on the environment. As such, most washing machines are now designed to guarantee more efficient use of resources. Talk about electricity consumption, water, and washing detergents. 

Some common technologies employed include iSense technology, Ecobubble technology, and Active Wash technology.

Multiple wash programs

Given the differences in the nature of fabrics to be washed, many automatic washers offer more than one wash program. That allows users to achieve consistently superior results no matter the level of dirt of nature of the material. Top models do feature as many as over ten wash settings.

Safety features

To prevent users from typical risks associated with electronic gadgets, washers have safety programs. To be specific, most models have child locks, door locks, overflow and leak prevention features, and sensors that figure out hiccups. There’s also overheating protection and anti-foam technology all of which kicks in automatically to prevent or rectify problems.

Design features

Apart from sleek external appearance, you can expect cutting-edge design features such as noise suppression technology, efficient wash programs, anti-tangle technology, faster wash programs, variable spin speeds for different fabrics, and so much more. Remember, some models have already combined a washer and dryer all in one unit.

Futuristic features

Some manufacturers are taking washing technology a notch higher by incorporating the latest technology. Talk of Wi-Fi connectivity and wireless control via mobile applications or Bluetooth. The future of automatic washers remains luminous.


Automatic washing machines are real workhorses when it comes to cleaning the laundry at home. With no intervention needed when the wash cycle begins, you can enjoy a hassle-free cleaning experience. Of course, you have to part way with a little more to get all the high-end features.