BPL Washing Machines

Whether you are shopping for fully automatic machines or a semi-automatic washing machine, the BPL washing machines are worth considering for many reasons.

The brand has made laundry cleaning stress-free in most homes thanks to its functional range of products. With premium, mid-range, and affordable machines offering amazing features, washing clothes couldn’t be any easier.

Before you make an investment of buying a washing machine for your home, consider the important points that ensure you make the right decision. Also, BPL offers many types of washing machines at different price ranges to suit every budget.

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Key takeaways you can expect from BPL branded washing machines


BPL washers are mainly fully automatic essentially offering timely and intervention-free cleaning. This feature allows users to soak their clothes in the washing machine, time the programs, and let the machine do the cleaning and drying.

Powerful motor

BPL has gained a liking from users due to its powerful motor that guarantees perfect clean wash. Even at low voltage, the powerful motor can still spin the clothes and remove stubborn household stains such as coffee splits on the fabric.

Design and durability

Most gadgets by BPL are made of the double-layer plastic body, which guarantees users years of service. One fantastic design found in the top load models is the ability to allow inflow of air while operating, which ensures the clothes dry fast while washing. The dust-free body also ensures the durability of the washers.

Washing features

BPL washers have the soak, rinse, and water level selection system. The washing type involved in BPL washing machines is the use of pulsator. Another exciting feature is the spin shower, used to ensure even sprinkle of water over the clothes to get rid of the detergent residues.

Modes program

BPL washers have an average of 3- 6 wash programs. BPL fully automatic washing machines are priced higher because they can have up to ten wash programs.

The wash selector also helps users classify fabrics effortlessly. Users can adjust between regular, standard, soft, and strong wash programs depending on the intensity of the stains on the fabric.

Spin speed

Extreme priced BPL models have a maximum spin speed of 1300 RPM which is suitable for faster drying time.

However, most standard priced models have a spin speed of 700-800 RPM. Conventionally, users should consider washers with higher spin speed for faster drying time.

Special features

One of the unique features is the water level selector, which can significantly save water consumption in the system. Child lock is another feature to protect your child from accidental injury. Another feature is the automatic imbalance correction, 24 hours delay start, and the automatic shut down upon finishing the wash.

Unique selling point

BPL washing machines can correctly handle all laundry work regardless of the level of complexity. While buying the brand, check if the washers have modern features, level of automation, and the type of load.


BPL is a decent brand that guarantees a worry-free laundry cleaning experience. Depending on your budget, you can get a BFL washer with outstanding features that suit your needs. Key elements to check for in these washers include the level of automation, design, type of load, and other special features.