Haier HTW90-1159 9 Kg Washing Machine Review

The Haier Semi-Automatic washing machine is a great high-quality washing machine that is made from superior quality materials for your use. The washing machine is designed with a rust-free cabinet that will guarantee the long life of the product. The many functions of this washing machine make it very attractive and are one of the most popular choices of customers.

Haier Group is one of the best manufacturers of home appliances and has come up with this new technology to make washing easy. The Haier HTW90-1159 washing machine has a capacity of 9kg which is large enough for a big size family. The washing machine is has a twin tub that comes in two colours white and blue. It also has a warranty of two years.

Strong Build

This is a heavy-duty washing machine that is built to handle heavy loads of washing. The drums are well constructed to withstand the high-speed spins of the washing machine.

Magic Filter

This feature ensures that the large lint filter collects all the lint and residues after washing your clothes.

Vortex Pulsator

You will have your clothes scrubbed thoroughly with the vortex pulsator technology as strong water current flows through your clothes to remove stubborn stains.


This feature is built to improve the washing quality of your clothes. The spray separates the flow of water to ensure that the clothes are properly rinsed to remove any foam.

Softfall Technology

This washing machine has very light lids that can be opened easily and it also has a movement protector that prevents you from banging the lids when closing it back.

Anti Rat Mesh

The washing machine is protected by an anti-rat mesh to ensure it is not damaged by pests.


Haier included castors on this model to aid movement. The castors allow you to move your washing machine to any suitable location in your home without having to lift it with your hands.

3 Wash Programs

You can select among any of the three wash programs to wash all your fabrics conveniently. The wash programs are designed to suit your needs and will help you wash your clothes better.

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What Do We like

Double Clean

The machine’s double clean technology can remove tough stains easily and cleans your clothes thoroughly.

Rust Free

The rust-free material allows you to use your washing machine longer compared to other products.

Magic Filter

You will have clean clothes extracted from the washing machine that is lint-free. The filter removes all the residues in the washing machine.

What We Don’t Like

No Softener Dispenser

There is no place to keep your fabric softener in the washing machine when you need it.


We recommend that you buy this washing machine because of its quality. Haier is a brand that is loved by many because they have continued to remain leaders in the IT industry. This semi-automatic washing machine has a lot of features that will be useful for you at home. It is also built to last and has been designed with your interest at heart.

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