Haier 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (HW60-10636NZP) Review

Haier Group is one of the top manufacturers of home appliances continue to keep up their position in the competitive marketplace. They are especially known for manufacturing quality washing machines that deliver high-quality washing. This company has built this Haier 6kg front loading washing machine to satisfy the needs of their customers.

This washing machine is designed with a near-zero pressure technology and many modern features to make your washing easy and convenient. The washing machine also comes with a powerful motor that delivers a speed of up to 1000 rpm. The washing machine is designed to save your energy consumption 

Motor Speed

This Haier washing machine has a maximum speed of up to 1000rpm and this will guarantee that you get a fast speed rotation. The faster the speed, the better your clothes are being washed.

A++ Energy Consumption

This washing machine comes with a powerful motor that ensures your energy consumption will be conserved.

Laser Seamless Welding Technology

This technology is an innovative solution from Haier that ensures that your washing machine lasts long for many years.

ABT (Anti Bacterial Technology)

The washing machine is comprised of an Anti-Bacterial Technology in its gasket and dispenser. The antibacterial property protects your clothes from germs and bacteria.

NZP (Near Zero Pressure)

The washing machine has a near-zero pressure technology that boosts your water pressure in case there is a drop so that the machine continues washing your clothes. This feature raises your water pressure around 0.001- 0.002 MPA.

Muscular Drum

The drum has 128 muscles that contain drain holes. When your clothes are washed, this muscular drum allows it to be thoroughly scrubbed without damaging your clothes.

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What Do We like

Motor Speed

The 1000rpm motor makes the washing machine have your clothes cleaned faster and better. The rotation speed is very fast.

Excellent Scrub

The muscular drum design allows you to get your clothes scrubbed well to remove all the dirt and stubborn stains on your clothes.

What We Don’t Like

No pre-wash option is available.


You can have your clothes cleaned no matter the type of fabric you own. This washing machine can handle all types of fabrics. It will also wash your clothes clean without harming them. It has a lot of unique features that make it an incredible washing machine to have in your home. It also has a quick wash function that allows you to get your clothes washed within fifteen minutes. You will enjoy having clean clothes that are completely free of germs and bacteria. The 6kg capacity of this washing machine is not so big though but it will be fine for a small size family. It would be well suited for couples or bachelors living alone. The Haier 6kg front loading washing machine is a great product and we recommend that you buy it.

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