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Vivibright C80 LED Projector Review

The Vivibright C80 LED is a tiny multimedia projector, yet of high performance. It comes with several features that enable it to project razor-sharp videos and images in very intriguing positions. Coming from one of the most trusted and reputable brands in India, this is one of the most versatile projectors available currently. Features Image […]

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ViviBright GP80 LED Projector Review

The ViviBright GP80 LED is a lightweight and portable projector that allows users to watch their movies and visual contents anywhere they want. It projects a massive screen of 135 inches, giving users a cinema-like feeling wherever they go! Features Display Configurations This projector supports blue and red 3D content projections; the appropriate dual-color shades […]

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Vivibright F40 Projector Review

The Vivibright F40 projector is perfect for both multimedia entertainment and presentations. It comes with BOE® LCD Blu-ray technologies that project vibrant and distinct images in widescreen formats. The projector allows users to install video software such as Netflix, Amazon Video, or YouTube from the internet to enhance their entertainment experiences. This projector is based […]

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Vivibright HD F10 Projector Review

The Vivibright HD F10 projector comes with several features that make it stand out from other projectors in the same price range. The projector comes with manual trapezoidal corrections and focus, achieving screens between 60-300 inches with 1.2-6.8 meters projection distance. The projector has flip functions that make it possible to be mounted on the […]

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