Vivibright C80 LED Projector Review

The Vivibright C80 LED is a tiny multimedia projector, yet of high performance. It comes with several features that enable it to project razor-sharp videos and images in very intriguing positions. Coming from one of the most trusted and reputable brands in India, this is one of the most versatile projectors available currently.


Image Quality

The projector comes with 1280x720pixels resolutions, Full HD of 1920x 1080 support, the brightness of 2200 lumens, 100:1 contrast ratios, and 4.0?display technology; these features project crisp clear, bright, and detailed images that enhance the whole entertainment experience.


This projector features a lamp life span of 30,000 hours; it can serve users for several years without needing replacement. Users need not worry about the extra costs of lamp replacement for several years after purchase.

Screen Size Projection

The projector comes with a screen size projection of 37-110 inches; users can adjust it to their desired dimensions, achieving a cinema feel or adjusting it to the size of a TV.

Remote Control

This projector comes with a remote control that allows users to operate it from a distance, offering a lot of conveniences; users don’t have to go to the projector in case they need to change settings or content.

In-built Speakers

This projector comes with in-built Bluetooth speakers that produce crystal clear sound while users are enjoying their movies or video games.


The projector comes with various connectivity features such as DC-in, AV, VGA, HDMI, and USB; these features allow users to connect the projector to their Smartphones, laptops, or Digital Cameras, enabling them to project their content directly on the massive screens.


This projector comes with the following accessories:

Remote Controller

User Manual

Power Adapter

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What Do We like

Supported Formats

The projector supports the following formats, giving users an array of entertainment choices:

Picture Formats; PNG/JPEG/BMP


Audio Formats; MP3/WMA


The projector supports 23 languages, making it possible for users who don’t understand the English language to use it as well.

Projection Distance

The ideal projection distance for this projector is 1.5 meters; this means that it projects clear images at short distances, making it ideal for use in small rooms such as living rooms or bedrooms.

Keystone Correction

The projector comes with Vertical Keystone Correction features of +/-15°; these features align images, ensuring that the projected images are not distorted.

What We Don’t Like

Sound Quality

The speakers in this projector don’t produce loud sound; the sound is adequate for small rooms. If users need to use it for a larger audience, then they have to connect it to external speakers which don’t come with the projector. The speakers must be purchased separately.


The remote control runs on 2 AAA batteries that are not included with the projector; users have to purchase them at an extra cost.


Weighing only 1.96, this projector is ideal for people who are always on the go but love carrying their entertainment gadgets with them.

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