ViviBright GP80 LED Projector Review

The ViviBright GP80 LED is a lightweight and portable projector that allows users to watch their movies and visual contents anywhere they want. It projects a massive screen of 135 inches, giving users a cinema-like feeling wherever they go!


Display Configurations

This projector supports blue and red 3D content projections; the appropriate dual-color shades (one side blue and the other side red) are needed for users to enjoy full visual effects of the big screen.

This projector displays massive screens of 130 inches, providing the cinema feeling in the comfort of the users’ homes. The images displayed have 1800 lumens brightness.

Connectivity Features

There are various interface connectivity options featured in this projector such as DC input port, USB port, HDMI port, AV port, VGA port, and a 3.5 mm jack. Users can connect various multimedia devices to the projector and enjoy their media content.

For users who love playing games on consoles such as Sony PlayStation and Xbox, this projector enhances their enjoyment; they can display the display outputs of their consoles with the projector, generating massive screens.

Formats Supported

This projector supports several formats that make it possible to play various multimedia files, including:

Image Formats; BMP, JPG, PNG

Audio Formats; AAC, MP3, AC3, WMA


Remote Control

This projector comes with a remote control that allows users to control it from a distance, offering a lot of conveniences. Users don’t have to stand up and get to the projector each time they need to change settings or content.


The projector comes with one year manufacturers’ warranty after the date of purchase.

In-built Speakers

This projector comes with in-built Stereo speakers that produce crisp, clear sound, making the entertainment experience more intriguing and enjoyable.

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What Do We like

Internal Cooling

This projector has air vents on its’ right side that direct any internal heat out; the inner cooling system of the projector works excellently by dissipating heat from the internal system. The average temperatures in the internal system are well maintained.


This projector comes with a lamp life span of 20,000 hours; it can serve users for several years without needing replacement, meaning that they don’t have to incur unnecessary maintenance costs for lamp replacement.


This projector is rectangular in shape, compact, and light in weight; it weighs approximately 1kg, making it very portable. Users can carry it with them wherever they go without feeling tired.

What We Don’t Like

Sound Quality

The sound in this projector isn’t as loud; if it’s being used in larger rooms, users need to connect it to external speakers for sound amplification. Unfortunately, these speakers don’t come with the projector, meaning that they have to purchase the speakers separately.

Remote Control Batteries

The remote control that comes with this projector needs AAA batteries to run; the batteries don’t come with this projector, meaning that they have to be purchased at an extra cost.


This projector is unique in that it can be used for movies and games. Users can even carry it with them when going on holidays or also visiting friends since its portable, ensuring they don’t leave their entertainment experience behind!

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