Vivibright F40 Projector Review

The Vivibright F40 projector is perfect for both multimedia entertainment and presentations. It comes with BOE® LCD Blu-ray technologies that project vibrant and distinct images in widescreen formats. The projector allows users to install video software such as Netflix, Amazon Video, or YouTube from the internet to enhance their entertainment experiences.

This projector is based on new upgrades of its’ basic parameters, adding the Android OS 6.0 versions. Users can enjoy their movies from big screens from the comfort of their homes using this affordable, durable, and efficient projector.


High Brightness, High Resolutions, and Image Quality

This projector comes with light transmittances of 4,200 LED lumens and FHD/1920×1080 native resolutions. It also comes with a user-friendly and intuitive design with 1920*1080p (5.8 inches) displays. Additionally, it features BOE® LCD Blu-ray boost technologies that provide a wider range of colors, producing high-quality images.

Simple USB Plugs

The projector comes with simple USB plugs that allow users to watch their movies, listen to music or view their pictures by merely plugging in their USB; this makes entertainment easier and less cumbersome since there isn’t any need to use data lines.


The projector comes with a lamp life span of 30,000 hours; users don’t have to be worried about incurring extra purchasing costs of the lamp since it’s durable. The lamp lasts for ten years without needing replacement even if it’s used for eight hours daily.


This projector comes with a USB Port with direct Multimedia play function, SPDIF out interfaces and HDMI features, and audio outputs, facilitating easier and better connectivity for users.

Quick Response

This projector comes with BOP-dependent LCD panels, making the projector quicker as compared to its competitors and even smart TVs. Additionally, no time for lamp warming is needed, making it the perfect game projector.

HiFi Quality of Sound

The projector comes with sound enhancement technologies, powering two 10W speakers producing audible and clear sound; the sound produced is ideal for medium-sized rooms.

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What Do We like


As much as this projector is sold in the Indian market, it supports OSD 28 languages making it be easily understood and used by users who understand any of the 28 languages.


The projector comes with the following accessories that make it unique:

HDMI cable

Remote Control

Carry Bag

Power Cord

User Manual with easy to follow step-by-step instructions

Lens Cover prevents dust from getting into and accumulating in the lens, ensuring maintenance of quality images.

What We Don’t Like

Audio Output Features

The projector comes with Audio output features that enable users to connect the projector with external speakers to enhance the sound quality if it’s being used in larger rooms. The external speakers don’t come with the projector, meaning that users have to purchase the speakers separately, translating to extra costs.


This projector is ideal for users who love watching movies and listening to music. Coming from one of the most reliable brands in India, you need not worry about its quality and efficiency as you enjoy watching movies on a big screen with your loved ones.

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