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Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier Review

Kent introduces the Ultra Wall-Mountable UV 60-Litre Water Purifier – a user- friendly Water Purifier which uses the UV Disinfection and Carbon Block Filter Technology to provide you with a 60-Litre of safe drinking water. The KENT Ultra UV Water Purifier is economical and environmentally safe, which disinfects the water without changing its taste, odor, […]

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Eureka Forbes Aquasure Smart 20-Watt UV Water Purifier Review

Eureka Forbes has again proven the market that they are here for every class of customers. With Aquasure from aquaguard, they have introduced a water purifier for those who want to enjoy safe drinking water at an economical price. Among the UV purifiers available, this one has proven to be the best in class due […]

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Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Crystal Plus UV Water Purifier Review

One of the oldest brands of water purifiers is an aqua guard. Even in today’s time, people prefer saying aqua guard than a water purifier, such as the brand image created among its customers. The new Crystal plus UV water purifier from Eureka Forbes Aquaguard promises to purify water using its UV technology without losing […]

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