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Kent 16025 Sandwich Grill Review

Kent is an Indian company, and it manufactures many products, including kitchen appliances and water softeners, besides others. This brand is known for its exceptional quality. Kent 16025 Sandwich Grill is one of the products made by this company. This appliance is available in black color. Its plates are coated with the non-stick substance. With […]

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Kent 16024 Sandwich Toaster Review

Kent is an award-winning company for making premium quality products. Kent manufactures a variety of products, including cooking appliances, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, water purifiers, and more others. This brand is trusted by more people in India and worldwide. Kent 16024 sandwich toaster is a kitchen appliance manufactured by this brand. The appliance is available […]

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KENT New Grand 8-Litres Wall-Mountable RO+Double UV+UF+TDS Water Purifier Review

Most of the diseases like flu and cholera are water-borne diseases and are spread due to contamination in water. One needs to be careful about purifying water before drinking, and for that, choosing the right purifier is crucial. Kent ensures safe drinking water by eliminating dissolved impurities, bacteria, and algae growth in water, retaining essential […]

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Kent Force Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner Review

Kent force cyclonic vacuum cleaner is an advanced best-quality vacuum cleaner that possesses state-of-the-art cyclonic technology, UV disinfection light, and HEPA filter. This innovative technology that comes from one of the best brand name Kent is a revolution in the market of vacuum cleaners. Features Advanced force technology The superior force cyclonic technology is the […]

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KENT 11087 Pride TC Mineral RO Water Purifier Review

Kent is one of the best known leading brands in the market that manufacture healthcare products and home appliances. It is constantly creating products that provide solutions and protect people from dangerous diseases. KENT 11087 Pride TC Mineral RO Water Purifier is among one such innovation by Kent. It offers the most advanced technology which […]

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Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier Review

Kent introduces the Ultra Wall-Mountable UV 60-Litre Water Purifier – a user- friendly Water Purifier which uses the UV Disinfection and Carbon Block Filter Technology to provide you with a 60-Litre of safe drinking water. The KENT Ultra UV Water Purifier is economical and environmentally safe, which disinfects the water without changing its taste, odor, […]

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