Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Crystal Plus UV Water Purifier Review

One of the oldest brands of water purifiers is an aqua guard. Even in today’s time, people prefer saying aqua guard than a water purifier, such as the brand image created among its customers.

The new Crystal plus UV water purifier from Eureka Forbes Aquaguard promises to purify water using its UV technology without losing the natural minerals present in it. Apart from that, it has an automatic turn off the option that will switch UV lamp off if it is not in use for more than 10 mins. This ensures the quality of water as well as reduces power consumption.

Not only that, with its voltage stabilizer, you can be assured that the purifier will work well even in unstable voltage conditions without causing damage to it.


Mineral Guard

With its mineral guard technology, the purified water retains the minerals present, killing off only harmful substances such as lead, pesticides, etc., present in the water.

Advanced electronic monitoring system

This feature enables the system to shut itself down in case it notices any issues with UV lamp during the purification process to not distort the water quality.

Auto turn off UV lamp

This feature helps in reducing power consumption as the UV lamp switches itself off in case the purifier has not been used for 10 mins.


This feature ensures that there’s no water stagnant in the filter and helps in keeping it clean.

E-boiling+ technology

This feature ensures providing water as pure as it would’ve been if boiled for 20 mins.

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What Do We like

Long cartridge life

This purifier has cartridge life up to 6000 liters, which ensures the long run and is cost-effective too.

Water flow

This purifier provides 2 liters of water flow per minute, which ensures that the user gets enough water in a lesser amount of time.

Safe drinking water

Due to its automatic monitoring system, one can rest assured about the impurities being scanned. However, in case there’s some error while filtering, the UV lamp turns off so that no impure water can pass off, ensuring safe and healthy drinking water for the user.

Safe to use

In case of any instability caused due to voltage fluctuations, the voltage stabilizer feature comes in handy so that the user can make use of it safely.

Auto shut off

The auto shut off of UV lamp when not in use, helps in saving electricity and also increases the lamp’s life.

What We Don’t Like

Customer service issue

While there have been no such visible defects with this purifier, some consumers aren’t satisfied with the customer service provided by this company.



This product by Eureka Forbes has instilled faith in its customers as it ensures not only safe drinking water but also safe usage of the purifier as well as its long life.

So, one should purchase it so that their family can enjoy safe drinking water enriched with minerals.

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