Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Classic UV Water Purifier Reviews

This classic water purifier brought in by Eureka Forbes Aquaguard lives up to its name. It is stylish, easy to use and clean. It is suitable for most households who are consumers of purified water. It provides 2 liters of purified water per minute, which ensures a steady flow of water to the customer in less time.

With its E boiling+ technology, the water purified in it is equal to water being boiled for 20 mins. Each drop of water is scanned and purified so as to clean it off from any kind of contamination present, which can cause water-borne diseases and only leaves healthy drinking water for its consumer.


This feature ensures that the water is as clean as water boiled for straight 20 mins, thus killing off any bacterias present in it.

Intelligent purity sensor

This sensor senses in case the purification isn’t up to the mark and the machine immediately stops dispensing water off.

Biotron cartridge

This cartridge helps in breaking water molecules into fine micro-clusters which ultimately frees minerals essential for the human body to keep itself hydrated.

Automatic shut off

This feature enables the machine to be turned off on its own in case it has not been used for 10 minutes.


This one is an external feature that traps dust and mud and is basically for water with high turbidity.  It is best for those households who can’t keep bigger purifiers with cartridges.

High flow rate

It provides a water flow rate of 1 liter/minute.

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What Do We like

Safe drinking water

Boiled water is considered as the purest form of drinking water and with the E boiling technology present in this purifier, the consumer will get the best quality water to drink.

Enhances UV lamp life

Due to its automatic turn off feature, less electricity, as well as less UV lamp, is used. This helps in enhancing the overall life of the UV lamp as it is only used when necessary.

Mineral preserver system

To preserve mineral content of water, some electric impulses are let out so as to retain a quartz tube. This will help in making sure contaminated junk is eliminated and the only mineral is present in water.

Detoxification of blood

Water purified via biotron cartridge helps in releasing minerals from micro clusters that help in keeping oneself hydrated by detoxifying blood. This is good for physical as well as mental well being.

Safe drinking water

Each water drop is thoroughly scanned so as to clean out every possible junk and provide the customers with the best quality drinkable water.

What We Don’t Like

No water storage area

The only demerit that comes with this purifier is that it doesn’t have a water storage unit. The consumer has to keep it himself in his container.


This purifier from Eureka Forbes is suitable for clearing off even hard water and hence suitable for every household. So, one must definitely think of purchasing it as it provides only the best quality of consumable water to the customers.
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