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Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Delight 7-Liters Review

“Health is Wealth,” and with the increase in pollution and water borne-diseases, drinking purified water has become a necessity. Eureka Forbes is a perfect blend of elegant design, latest technology, and convenience, catering to all health requirements.  It eliminates dissolved impurities, bacteria, and algal growth in water, retaining essential minerals in the water. It comes […]

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HUL Pureit Mineral RO+MF 6 Stage 6L Water Purifier Review

Water is an essential element without which humans cannot survive. Also, drinking safe and purified water is very important for health. It avoids waterborne diseases like cholera. HUL ensures safe drinking water by eliminating dissolved impurities, bacteria, and algal growth and retaining essential minerals in the water. Features Food grade plastic body construction The body […]

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Nasaka Water Purifier, 8 Ltrs Review

Water Purifiers are the appliances that ensure complete safety in terms of health and hygiene for drinking water. Drinking water is the ultimate source for microorganisms to enter our system. Hence, it is essential to install a suitable water purifier at home. Nasaka, a leading water softening equipment supplier in Delhi, has introduced the Nasaka […]

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Livpure Glo Lite RO+UF Water Purifier Review

The Livpure Glo Lite comes with an elegant design and can be easily mounted on the wall. Hence, it saves space and enhances the contemporary look of the kitchen. The water purifier filters water through a six-stage filtration process that is powered by RO+UF purification technology. It also includes a taste enhancer and antiscalants cartridge, […]

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Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Review

Amidst the growing pollution prevailing in the environment, there has been an increase in the harmful microorganisms in the environment and thus, in turn damaging our health. Water is the primary source for the consumption of various necessary ingredients. Thus Eureka Forbes is back with its brand new Water Purifier -“Aquasure from Aquaguard Splash RO […]

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Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier Review

Kent introduces the Ultra Wall-Mountable UV 60-Litre Water Purifier – a user- friendly Water Purifier which uses the UV Disinfection and Carbon Block Filter Technology to provide you with a 60-Litre of safe drinking water. The KENT Ultra UV Water Purifier is economical and environmentally safe, which disinfects the water without changing its taste, odor, […]

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Blue Star Aristo RO+UV+UF 7-Liter Water Purifier Review

The Blue Star Aristo filters water efficiently through its seven-stage purification process. The RO+UV+UF triple protection ensures water that is free from suspended impurities, fine particles, dissolved salts, chemicals, and disease-causing micro-organisms. It also comes with a large purification capacity and storage tank capacity making it suitable for a large family. The water obtained is […]

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Eureka Forbes Aquasure Smart 20-Watt UV Water Purifier Review

Eureka Forbes has again proven the market that they are here for every class of customers. With Aquasure from aquaguard, they have introduced a water purifier for those who want to enjoy safe drinking water at an economical price. Among the UV purifiers available, this one has proven to be the best in class due […]

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Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier

The Livpure Glo purifies water through an advanced six-stage filtration process that is powered by RO+UV technology. It includes a mineralizer that maintains the pH level and retains the essential minerals of the water. Hence, the water purifier ensures tastier and healthier drinking water that is stored in the built-in storage tank. It has a […]

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