Eureka Forbes Aquasure Smart 20-Watt UV Water Purifier Review

Eureka Forbes has again proven the market that they are here for every class of customers. With Aquasure from aquaguard, they have introduced a water purifier for those who want to enjoy safe drinking water at an economical price.

Among the UV purifiers available, this one has proven to be the best in class due to its chemical-free purification and point of dispense purification technology. It ensures that the water you drink is free from contamination right from when the water is dispensed till it reaches your glass.


UV Purification

This purifier uses UV technology to purify water, which ensures that the contamination, if any, is killed off without the use of harmful chemicals, which makes it safer to drink.

Error indication

In case of any issue with the functioning of the UV lamp, the water dispensing is turned off, thanks to the sensors so that only safe water is provided to the user.

Quartz glass protection

Instead of the water flowing through metal pipe, it flows through high-grade quartz glass, which is considered safer and free of any contamination.

Hi Flo rate

This purifier dispenses 2 liters of purified water per minute, so one can enjoy UV purified water in lesser wait time.

Voltage stabilizer

Damages that electronics can suffer due to voltage fluctuations won’t be a problem in this purifier as it has a voltage stabilizer to deal with it.

Glass holding tray

Easy and effortless way to get safe drinking water by just putting glass for over 4-5 seconds in the glass holding tray.

Energy saver mode

In case the UV lamp isn’t in use for 10 minutes, it’ll be turned off automatically, which not only will save energy but also will increase purifier life.

Activated carbon filter

This filter includes 0.2% of silver, which helps in reducing contamination of water due to viruses and bacteria present.

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What Do We like

Chemical-free purification

Due to UV technology, chemical-free purification is provided to the water, which is safe for drinking.

Safe from metal particles

Since the dispenser uses high-grade quartz glass instead of a metallic pipe, the consumer can rest assured about the going through metals before they consume it.

Long life of UV lamp

Due to its energy saver mode, one can ensure the long life of a UV lamp as it turned off when not in use.

Automatic turn off

In case of any issues with the UV lamp, the water won’t be dispensed as it can be harmful. Instead, it’ll be switched off automatically if it senses an error in the purification process.

Carbon filter

The carbon filter present helps in more than one way to keep the water safe to drink by removing bad taste, chlorine content, any dissolved gases, etc., to provide safe and healthy drinking water.

What We Don’t Like

Unsuitable for high TDS water

Since it uses UV technology only, it is beneficial for those households that get clean water to some extent, but it is not drinkable without purification.


At this price range, it is one of the best UV water purifiers available. In addition to this, Eureka Forbes is a trusted brand in water purifiers, so customers should definitely purchase it.

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