Blue Star Water Purifiers

Blue Star is a known brand that has been working with the only aim to offer a safe environment to people. The brand has emphasized offering alkaline antioxidant water to its consumers, which again becomes excellent as it aids in strengthening the defense system by helping the body and improving the immunity for working perfectly.

The immune boost technology integrated into these water purifiers ensures improving the pH levels and thereby offering you alkaline water. Alkaline water aids in maintaining the acid level present in your body. Moreover, it again becomes helping in removing the toxins that develop illness and diseases.

The amazing water purifiers offered by Blue Star offer an abundance of hydrogen and alkaline minerals that aids in checking the metabolic activity. This again becomes helpful in boosting immunity, thereby removing diseases by providing a toxin-free body due to adding essential minerals, decreasing oxidation, and raising the pH level of the water.

We have also mentioned a comprehensive buying guide that will help you understand the essential required points and help you make the right purchase. Also, know all the different types of water purifiers, to ensure to make an appropriate decision. 

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Six stages of filtration

These water purifiers are integrated with six stages of the filtration system. The water coming from the supply passes through various stages like Pre-sediment, pre-carbon filter, sediment filter, RO membrane, Post carbon filter, and UV lamp to eventually offer purified water to you.

Double protection

These water purifiers have been integrated with double layers of UV+ RO protection that ensures that the drinking water is safe without making any compromises. The RO filtration eliminates the dissolved particles, heavy metals, microorganisms, and other radioactive matters, whereas the UV ensures complete removal of the microorganisms like cysts, viruses, and bacteria.

Large capacity

The presence of a huge 10-inch filter in the water purifier ensures proper procedure of water purification.

Aqua taste Booster

The ATB or the Aqua Taste Booster makes use of the calcite media that again improves the taste of the water, thereby aids in maintaining the optimum pH of water. This again enriches the quality of water and makes it great for your health.

Huge Storage Tank

The water purifiers offered by Blue Star has a massive storage tank. With a 7 liter of the storage tank, these purifiers ensure safe drinking water any time and every time to your entire family.

Child lock

To make sure that there is no wastage of water, the machine has been provided with a child lock mechanism. This prevents unnecessary water wastage.

UV fails alert

UV lamp present in the purifiers plays a massive role in offering purified water, and therefore it is a necessity to take off the UV lamp. Fortunately, with this alert, you can get informed and change when needed.

High purification

Due to the presence of the top-notch RO membrane in the purifiers, the Blue Star water purifiers are integrated with technology that ensures the best and safe water.

So if you are looking for a good water purifier that has a vast capacity, Blue Star water purifiers can be a great addition to your family. So without any further delay, just place an order to get safe drinking water.

Blue star Water Purifiers Customer Care Helpline Number

If you are facing any problem, you can contact them on the toll-free number: 1800 209 1177

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