Havells Active Plus UV Water Purifier Review

When it comes to health none of us would like to compromise on it. Keeping our safety and well being in mind we must choose the right purifier for our household but having to choose from the wide variety of purifiers out there in the market, this job can be a little taxing at times.

Havells Active Plus promises to provide crystal clear and safe water for consumption with its double purification system which helps remove any contamination present in the water.


Double Purification

4 stages of double UV and UF purification eliminates any bacteria, contamination, cyst or dissolved impurities in water assuring safe drinking water.

UF Membrane and iProtect Purification monitoring

The membrane removes harmful viruses and bacteria, algal growth and hard metals from water and dispenses crystal clear water and there is a constant check on the purification and water safety because of the iProtect Purification Monitoring.

Smart alerts

A couple of smart alerts like the Self Diagnostic & Process alerts, Error alerts in case of  SV failure and the Booster pump failure make life simpler without having one to worry about crisis situations.

Electrical Protection System

Electrical Protection System helps avert voltage fluctuations and ensures that the purifier works well in the voltage range of 170 V – 330 V.

What Do We like

Futuristic Design

The purifier has contemporary styling, space-saving design as it can be mounted on the wall in case of space constraint and is available in very attractive hues of blue and white.

Best  Purification Technology

One can be assured of the safety and quality of water as it undergoes 4 stages of double purification where bacteria and dissolved impurities are removed from the water.

Convenience  and safety

A couple of smart alerts like the Self Diagnostic & Process alerts, Error alerts in case of  SV failure or in case of inadequate UV dosage and the Booster pump failure provide convenience and safety at its best. Also, the iProtect purification monitoring cuts off the water if it is not safe for drinking.

Storage capacity-The The purifier has a huge storage capacity of 60 L which is a great leap compared to other purifiers with storage tanks of 7 to 8 L.


The purifier is made of ABS plastic which makes it durable and long-lasting.

What We Don’t Like

Huge storage capacity

At times the storage capacity of  60 L might be too much and the old water does not drain out while the new water starts filling in.



The purifier comes with a couple of smart alerts, 4 stages double UV and UF purification system, elegant design, electrical protection system and dispenses crystal clear water which makes it ideal for all households.

Purba Bhattacharjee

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