Prestige Water Purifiers

Since its inception, Prestige has only focused on offering smart kitchen appliances that help in making life easier and simpler. Their water purifiers are designed with the pillar of durability, trust, innovation, and safety, thereby, making this brand the final choice for hundreds of homes across India.

Prestige water purifiers are known for their ability to proffer great results by offering pure and safe drinking water. They have integrated some of the highly innovative technologies in their products to make it suitable for different places.

Whatever you may demand, the water purifiers offered by this brand will undoubtedly outperform your expectations with their design and innovative technology.

We have also mentioned a detailed buying guide that will help you understand the essential required points and help you make the right purchase. Also, learn the different types of water purifiers, to ensure to make the right investment. 

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Huge filtration rate

When it comes to installing a good water purifier, you need to check the filtration rate. The brand promises to offer 9 L of water per hour, which means that you can access to pure drinking water anytime and every time.

Eliminates bacteria

The prime agenda of water purifiers is to remove viruses and bacteria from the water as these harmful microbes can result in disrupting your health condition. With the filters present in these purifiers, you can stay assured as these filters can remove 99.9 % of the waterborne viruses and bacteria.

No chemicals required for purification:

Unlike some filters that make use of chemicals for purification, you can stay assured about these purifiers, as these purifiers do not make use of any chemicals. This means it can be safe for your family.

Copper storage container

There is always a need for taking additional care as any impurities in the water can alter the properties of water, thereby making it safe for drinking. Prestige water purifiers offer the goodness by making use of copper storage container. As this material has inbuilt antimicrobial properties that help to kill the bacteria and ensure great health benefits.

16L of huge capacity

When it comes to water purifiers and accessing safe drinking water every time, there is a need for having a huge capacity. Since the Prestige water purifiers have 16 liters of water capacity, it ensures people always provide safe and pure drinking water.

FACT media filter

FACT Media Filters are made by making use of different absorbents by the fibrillated fibers. These are the tiny filters that offer a larger pore area. This ensures better dirt-holding capability along with does not clog.

So without any further delay, if you are willing to include a filter in your home for the better of your family’s health, consider buying the Prestige water purifiers.

Prestige Water Purifiers Service Center Helpline Number

Contact them on Toll-free number at 91 9535621112, 8056777073

You can even email your query on

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