AO Smith Z1 UV Water Purifier Review

The AO Smith Z1 is a UV water purifier that provides safe drinking water in two different temperatures. It allows you to obtain instant hot water with the press of a button. The water purifier has an intelligent digital interface that displays its various unique functions. Hence, it is convenient to use and operate.

It also includes safety features like the child-lock button that prevents unwanted accidents and injuries. The model is a classy and elegant option worth buying. It comes with a night assist feature that guides you at night and enhances the look of your kitchen.

Let us now take a look at the detailed review of the AO Smith Z1 UV Water Purifier.


5-Stage UV Purification Technology

The water purifier passes water through a five-stage purification process. It includes a pre-filter, sediment filter, silver activated post-carbon filter, UV lamp, and ultra-fine stainless steel. The pre-filter and sediment filter remove suspended particles and sediments from the water. On the other hand, the 11-watt UV lamp disinfects the water by removing various disease-causing germs and bacteria.

10-Liters Storage Capacity

It comes with a food-grade safe storage tank that is capable of storing up to 10-liters of purified drinking water for your family.

Instant Hot Water

The water purifier offers the convenience of choosing between two water temperatures. It provides water with a temperature of 45 degrees C for drinking purposes. It also ensures instant hot water with a temperature of 80 degrees C at the press of a button.

UV Fail Alert

It comes with advanced alerts, including the UV fail alert. The feature indicates in advance when the UV lamp requires changing. It automatically stops the purification process in case of a UV lamp failure to ensure safe drinking water at all times.

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What Do We like

Digital Display

The water purifier comes with a smart digital display that ensures convenient operation. It includes an auto-flush feature that allows you to monitor the purification process. The digital interface displays the temperature of the water and indicates the water level of the tank. It also indicates when the purifier is ready to use.


It includes a child-lock button as a vital safety feature. The feature prevents children from starting the flow of hot water. Hence, it protects them from unwanted accidents and injuries.

Night Assist

The night-assist feature allows the water purifier to glow. It guides you to the purifier at night and also enhances the look of your kitchen.

What We Don’t Like

Not Suitable for Hard Water Purification

The UV water purifier is suitable for areas with a low TDS level of 200 to 300 PPM. It cannot purify water with high levels of TDS.


The AO Smith Z1 is an excellent choice for those looking for a UV water purifier. It offers the convenience of choosing water at temperatures between 45 degrees C and 80 degrees C. The elegant and safe water purifier can be installed on the table or the wall. Moreover, it is convenient to operate because of its digital display.

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