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Afton Spirit XE 895 Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

Afton introduces Spirit XE 895 Elliptical Cross Trainer – An exercise machine that offers you a low-impact workout while targeting both your upper and lower body to decrease the risk of impact injuries. This allows you to simulate full-body movements such as walking, jogging, running or stair climbing without causing too much pain in your […]

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Afton FX-400 Cardio Fitness Elliptical Review

With the FX-400 Steel Cardio Fitness Elliptical from Afton, your workout is made easier and simpler. This machine has different motivational programs that you can easily adjust to achieve great results. This effective and efficient elliptical trainer helps you improve your cardio, endurance, and resistance. You don’t have to worry and be guilty about not […]

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Afton GT-80 Steel Cardio Fitness Motorized Treadmill Review

“Health is Wealth”, good health creates good wealth, so let’s just make your journey simple with the Treadmills. Firstly, What are treadmills? Google says it is a  device used for exercise, consisting of a continuous moving belt on which to walk or run. Still confused as to why do you even need it? Well, it […]

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Afton AT75 Treadmill Review

Still searching for a perfect gym,  a perfect trainer, or perfect timing to kick start your exercise?  Well, why to waste time, when you could actually make your home feel like a gym that you can yourself build for you!  Yes,  you heard it right. All you need is a little amount of effort, and […]

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Afton AT94 Treadmill Review

Treadmills are the new gym that you can create in your place, or rather the new generation’s fitness means. A step forward from the traditional practices of walking and jogging a long way throughout the city or the village, these technologies have evolved to help one to walk or run over a particular small area […]

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Afton BT-19 Steel Motorised Treadmill Review

Afton is a leading fitness and gym equipment provider in India. Here we provide the detailed review of the Afton BT-19 Steel Motorized Treadmill that comes with advanced features and ensures superior performance. In the world where each and everyone is after looking great and maintaining a perfect physique, running has become an intrinsic part […]

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