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Healthgenie 5in1 Motorized Treadmill 4612A Review

Health is the priority for people throughout the world, but nowadays due to an extremely hectic schedule, people do not find out time to exercise regularly. Walking and running takes a long space and cannot be done at home which calls the need for going out and running. But not every time it becomes possible, […]

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Durafit Heavy Hike Multifunction Treadmill Review

Have you recently gone through a surgery and gained weight? Well, definitely it’s a familiar story in everyone’s lives. As these days staying in shape is a need, regular exercise has become a necessity. Running is undoubtedly the universal way to lose weight and which means you have to go out. Since most of the […]

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Durafit Solid 2.0 HP Reviews

Exercising has an immense impact on our body. As we all know that when we keep exercising, the blood circulation in our body, the muscle toning, our bone weight, and everything starts working properly. But even when we understand the advantages of daily exercise, can we actually train our body every single day? Mostly, the […]

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Welcare Motorized Treadmill WC2277MI Review

With advancement in technology, things have become much more comfortable for people. Unlike previous days, when people had to go out to run miles after miles to lose their body weight and burn their calories, nowadays with the emergence of treadmill no longer people have to move out to live a healthy life. When you […]

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Powermax Fitness TDM-125S Review

When it comes to staying fit and healthy, nothing like owning a treadmill at your home becomes an excellent choice for the users. Walking and running has a great importance on your health and therefore whether you are an adult or a senior person, a treadmill is always a better option. With this machine, no […]

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