Afton FX-400 Cardio Fitness Elliptical Review

With the FX-400 Steel Cardio Fitness Elliptical from Afton, your workout is made easier and simpler. This machine has different motivational programs that you can easily adjust to achieve great results. This effective and efficient elliptical trainer helps you improve your cardio, endurance, and resistance. You don’t have to worry and be guilty about not having so much time going to the gym because this machine is not demanding of your time. Exercise all you want at your own pace and space.

Exercising with this trainer gives you a low-impact workout and targets your legs, hips, buttocks, arms, and shoulders by simulating motions such as walking, jogging, running or stair climbing. You are sure to have a quality workout with this fitness machine.


LCD Computer Display

This machine has an oversized blue backlit LCD with a built-in speaker for MP3/ipod connectivity. which allows you to keep track of your fitness statistics. The monitor displays the time, speed, distance traveled, resistance, calories burnt, programs for you to choose from, and pulse.

This is a great feature especially for fitness enthusiasts who wants to keep track of their improvements. It always feels good to clearly see the evident results of your hard work.

Resistance Control

The FX-400 Steel Cardio Fitness Elliptical comes with a 20-level resistance. The resistance can be adjusted easily to individualize your workout according to your preference through handlebar-mounted controls. It has a manual incline ramp of 15-30 degrees for an extra challenge.

Commendable Design

This cross trainer from Afton is designed to provide you with a quality workout. It is made from high-quality materials to carry a maximum user weight of 147kg. It comes with pedals with oversized footplates with 3 positions and can be adjusted to accommodate multiple users.

These have anti-slip surfaces for added security while pedaling. You can easily keep track of your pulse through its hand pulse grips. It also comes with wheels for maneuverability.

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What Do We like

Added built-n features

This trainer from Afton comes with added built-in features for that utmost comfort and convenience. It also has a cooling fan to keep you cool while exercising and console quick keys. You can also easily transport it from one place to another through its transport wheels.

Motivational Programs

This trainer comes with 10 motivational program settings for you to choose from. These pre-set programs include manual, hill, fat burn, cardio, strength, interval, 2 x user, 2 x HR controlled program options to give you a more challenging workout session.

What We Don’t Like

No seat

This machine weighs 107kg and has a dimension of 180cm x 60cm x 159cm, thus, it may consume a bigger amount of space when placed inside your home. It does not have any seats. It may be a bit of a problem especially for those suffering from lower back pain.


The Afton FX-400 Steel Cardio Fitness Elliptical provides you a total quality workout.  While riding the machine, your body is primarily at work when you do jog, running, walking and stair climbing. The machine provides you a good aerobic workout.

This equipment should be on top of your equipment wish list if you are up for a more challenging workout. This is suitable for those who want to have a workout like those in the gym. If you want to bring your workout to the next level, this elliptical trainer is a great option for you to get started.


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