Afton BT-19 Steel Motorised Treadmill Review

Afton is a leading fitness and gym equipment provider in India. Here we provide the detailed review of the Afton BT-19 Steel Motorized Treadmill that comes with advanced features and ensures superior performance.

In the world where each and everyone is after looking great and maintaining a perfect physique, running has become an intrinsic part of our lives. No matter wherever we look, we tend to find people wearing some of the amazing outfits and look extremely fabulous.

In such a time where looks matter, a proper physique is the first thing that needs to be taken care of. Running, therefore, a necessity but is it really easy to go outside and run? Probably the answer would be No for most as it becomes a problem and we tend to skip the fitness activity. This is where a good treadmill becomes a valuable inclusion in your routine.

Treadmills are available from a long time now and have become the only great alternative for running. Providing with the top functionalities, this machine tends to do anything and everything. While traditional treadmills were limited in features, these days the treadmills come with variable options for you.

One of the recent additions is the Afton BT-19 Steel Motorised Treadmill that is known for its features and performance. Everyone can use this hard steel frame machine

The Afton BT-19 Steel Motorised Treadmill has been integrated with a 2HP continuous motor, which helps the users to continue their intense workout. Whether you talk about its design, space-saving mechanism or its cushioning system, everything about this treadmill is superb. The many valuable features of this treadmill make it an excellent choice for the people looking for the machine within INR 30000.

So let us check the many features of this new Afton BT-19 Steel Motorised Treadmill.

Product Specifications

Undoubtedly the many features of this treadmill have raised its demand in the market. Being extremely compact and proper size, this machine becomes a great addition in the machine. With different other features added in this machine, the treadmill tends to suffice the needs and requirements of the users easily.

2.0 HP Continuous Motor:

The treadmill has been equipped with a sturdy motor that can easily fulfill the needs of the runners and walkers. Since people who are seeking a great physique will want to run at the top speed, which is where this sturdy 2.0 HP motor becomes a valuable inclusion. It will provide continuous power to the treadmill.

Foldable and compact:

To make the treadmill suitable for home use, the first and foremost thing to consider is to make it compact. Since most people have a restricted area in their apartment, if the treadmill is too big and requires vast space, it will not become suitable for everyone.

Keeping this point in the head, the manufacturer has come up with a space-saving design. The treadmill is very compact and can be folded to be stored in some corner. It barely needs some space for storage.

Green Efficient Technology:

In today’s date, there is an obvious need for conserving the resources. This is the reason why the treadmill has been equipped with a green, efficient technology motor. This motor will consume a minimum of 1 unit or less than that for 1 hour.

Six Levels of Shock Absorption:

Even we hardly pay attention, but while running we tend to put more force on our heels and ankles, and as a result, if the surface is hard, it can result in joint pain. With the six levels of shock absorption system included in the machine, this treadmill can easily protect your heels and joints.

1.8mm of Belt Thickness:

Cushioning is essential when it comes to running and which is why the treadmill has been designed with a 1.8mm thick belt. This will not only maintain a cushioning effect underneath the feet but will also make sure of no wear and tear.

110kgs of Max User Weight:

Very less number of treadmills can tale 110kgs of weight. This is a superb weight capacity which makes it ideal for a family. It is recommended to keep 15kgs as a buffer while running as we tend to put more pressure. Maintaining this will make sure of the longevity of the treadmill.

Three levels of manual inclines:

Inclines are necessary for the runners. Running in the same way just by varying the speed does not seem enough for them. Since our body gets accustomed to it, incline degrees can be a great choice. Altering the incline degrees along with speed provides variation and therefore provides you with the motivation to workout in a different way.

Auto Lubrication:

To keep the longevity intact, lubrication is a must. This makes sure that the rollers will keep on working. With the auto lubrication system provided within this machine, you can stay assured of better longevity of the machine.

12 Preset Programs:

The treadmill has 12 predefined programs integrated into it. This makes sure that you do not get accustomed and therefore keep changing the modes automatically. This becomes great for people when it comes to muscle training.

AUX/USB Connectivity:

Making sure that users can keep themselves motivated, the treadmill is also integrated with an AUX or USB connectivity. Hence now you can listen to your favorite songs and keep exercising. This tends to become valuable as the music keeps us going.

1.0 – 14m/h Speed:

Since speed is a necessity whether you are a runner or seeking for an intense workout, the treadmill has been integrated with speed variation of 1.0 to 14km/hr. Therefore, you get a huge choice for the variations. Combining the incline and various speed and programs, you can make your exercise for the day and accomplish your daily goals.

3 Years of Warranty:

The treadmill comes with three years of warranty for the motor and one year for other parts. Hence when you are buying this treadmill, you can stay assured that any problem with the treadmill will be taken care of by the manufacturing company itself. This is the safest bet for the buyers.

Let’s now check the features in brief:

Deck Surface49.6 x 16.5
Motor2.0 HP Green Efficient Motor
Shock AbsorptionSix levels
Belt Thickness1.8mm
Max User Weight110kgs
InclinesThree levels of Manual Inclines
Preset Programs12
Speed1.0 to 14.0km/h
WarrantyThree years for motor and one year for parts
Connectivity AUX/USB
Auto LubricationYes
DisplayCalories, mode, speed, distance, pulse

What Do We like

  • Great design: We were pretty amazed to see the design. Not only when you hop on it and start the exercise you can feel how strong it is, but also just at the very first place when we checked the machine, it seems robust enough to take 110kgs of weight.
  • Nice Display: While running or jogging, the display is the only thing that we can look to find everything. To make sure that users do not get distracted, they have included a good big screen to be able to check the calories, mode, speed, distance, pulse with ease.
  • Proper suspension: Suspension is genuinely amazing. Since the speed is given to help runners get their dreams fulfilled at the convenience of their home, the suspension was a necessity. The manufacturer has completely taken care of it. You can stay assured that no matter how much you run, your joints will get the cushioning and suspension that will make sure of no damage.
  • Easy to install: Even when this is a high-end treadmill, it hardly took a few minutes to install. We appreciate this as most of the times installation experts get late which results in getting irritated. Since almost 90% of the parts come pre-assembled, the left can easily be done by the users.
  • Fantastic Shock Absorption: While running, it was such a comfortable feeling. There was no pain or hitting hard on the ground. Totally in love with this machine.

What We Don’t Like

  • Makes Noise While Intense Exercise: Just sometimes when doing the intense exercises like incline and speeding up, the treadmill tend to make little noise. Since the treadmill has most of the features right, little noise can be easily ignored. However, no noise will be better.


The Afton BT-19 Steel Motorised Treadmill is a great value for money. It can be a good choice for different age groups and hence become an excellent choice for a family. At such a reasonable price, the features available in this treadmill tend to set it apart from the other machines available in the market.

We will highly recommend to the home users looking for a great motorized treadmill within INR 30000.


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