Healthgenie Treadmills

Healthgenie treadmills are one of the superior quality treadmills known for its outstanding build quality and great features. Established in 2014, Healthgenie now has become an excellent inclusion for the gyms and house.

Whether it is about carrying out an intense workout or it is for the novices, the treadmills have some of the unmatched features integrated that can suffice the needs of everyone.

Healthgenie has a wide range of treadmills to choose from. Consider your needs and make an investment.

Buying a treadmill is a huge investment, thus you need to ensure to have purchased the right one. Our buyer’s guide can help you make the right decision.

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Healthgenie 4212PM Pre Installed Treadmill For Home Use Review

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2.0 HP Motor

With a motor of 2.0HP, the Healthgenie ensures sufficing the needs of the pro athletes by carrying out even the hardest of workout. The best part of these treadmills is that they can run up to 4.0 HP during peak times.

1 to 14km/hr Speed variation

Initially, we start with the least but gradually as the days pass, we tend to go higher, and hence the speed variation becomes very beneficial.

6 in 1 system

These come with complete fitness packs like having a Tummy Twister, Massager, Dumbbells, Sit-ups, and resistant tubes. Therefore buying a treadmill can take care of your whole body fitness.

Great running surface

It has been designed with a wide running surface, to make the treadmill safe and comfortable for everyone. Hence whether one of your family members is overweight and others are thin, the treadmill is suitable for both.

110 kgs of max user weight

Different people have different reasons for exercising, but one of the common reasons is to lose weight. This is the reason why the manufacturers have included the machine with strong materials that can easily take up to 110 kgs of user weight.

Large LCD Display

To help users easily check what they are doing and the changes happening in their body, the Healthgenie treadmills have been integrated with a large 5-inch screen that shows speed, distance, time, and calories.

Easily folded

As space limitation is common among several people, treadmills available at Healthgenie can be easily folded and kept aside. So whenever you are ready for exercising, unfold it and once done, fold and save the space.

So without waiting any further, place your order for a sturdy Healthgenie treadmill and live a healthy life.