Durafit Treadmills

When it comes to maintaining good health, you need to exercise regularly. The Durafit treadmill can become a worthy inclusion because of the range of features offered by them. 

As human life is gradually progressing towards being confined within four walls, Durafit understands the need for a treadmill that will offer all-rounder benefits. Keeping this as their primary goal, they have designed some of the fantastic product lines that can be used both by a novice or a pro. 

Durafit has a wide range of treadmills to choose from. Consider your needs and make an investment.

Buying a treadmill is a huge investment, thus you need to ensure to have purchased the right one. Our buyer’s guide can help you make the right decision.

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Features of Durafit Treadmills

Powerful motor of 2.5 HP

A treadmill is known for its power, so more the Horsepower, more will be will able to offer unmatched performance while carrying intense exercises. With a 2.5HP motor, the treadmill can ensure carrying out any challenge you throw at it. Moreover, these machines can run up to 5HP during its peak time. 

Ample of running surface

The treadmills have been provided with ample running space. This makes sure that no matter whoever stands on it irrespective of their width, the surface is wide and long enough to help them carry their exercise. You can stay assured that you will not fall from the surface. 

120 kg of max user weight

With a user weight of 120 kgs, the treadmill becomes an excellent choice for including in a family. Hence, it becomes one machine for everyone because of its huge weight limit. 

1 to 16km/hr of speed variation

When it comes to carrying intense exercises, you need to check whether the treadmill has a excellent speed limit or not. Thankfully, Durafit has integrated with great speed variation of 1 to 16km per hour, thereby making it ideal for carrying any exercise.  

Hydraulic Folding Mechanism

Folding mechanism is nothing new in the product line of Durafit as they have always believed to take care of people’s needs first. 

Great shock absorption

A treadmill has been integrated with a great shock absorption system that ensures intense exercises, mostly our ankle gets stressed and which can again become a reason for pain in the future for many. Durafit has adequately taken care of it by integrating one of the best shock absorption systems. 


So if you are willing to buy a strong treadmill that ensures a fit and healthy you, consider purchasing Durafit treadmills. 

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