Afton Treadmills

Afton treadmills are known for their looks, build quality inbuilt features and easy availability.

Being in today’s hectic schedule, we end up finding the least time for ourselves. In such a scenario having Afton treadmill in your house can put an end to all your worries and regular trips to the doctor.

With a multitude of features of the Afton treadmills, these machines have become a need for many. Not only these treadmills ensure better health, but they also save you from going out for running.

Afton has a wide range of treadmills to choose from. Consider your needs and make an investment.

Buying a treadmill is a huge investment, thus you need to ensure to have purchased the right one. Our buyer’s guide can help you make the right decision.

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3 HP Motor

To ensure a fit and healthy body, there is a need for working hard. When it comes to putting pressure on your treadmill to face the challenge, it requires a powerful motor. Afton treadmills can easily take the challenge and overcome it by the power 3HP motor that runs up to 5HP in the peak time.

0 to 12 km/ h of speed variation

When it comes to opting for the high-end exercises attempted by the pro-level users, speed is a must. The more the speed, the less time you will need to attain your goal. With the Afton treadmill, you can take any challenge as it has been integrated with 0 to 12km/h of speed variation.

Preset programs:

The treadmills have been integrated with many preset programs, which again become a trainer for you. You can push the button and treadmill will work accordingly, making the result of exercising even better.


Now when we all live in a small apartment with hardly a room left for keeping the fitness equipment, Afton treadmill becomes a great inclusion because of the ability to fold. You can quickly unfold when in times of exercising and fold once you are done with the treadmill.


The incline is another fantastic feature added to the Afton treadmill. With the uphill training, you can easily build your leg muscles and make them strong. The 3 levels of manual incline can become significant for people who are looking for building a nice physique.

90kgs of max user weight

Afton treadmill has been integrated with 90kgs and more max user weight. Hence this can become an answer for everyone in your family.

So, without any further research, place your order on Afton treadmill today and ensure better health.