Afton GT-80 Steel Cardio Fitness Motorized Treadmill Review

“Health is Wealth”, good health creates good wealth, so let’s just make your journey simple with the Treadmills. Firstly, What are treadmills? Google says it is a  device used for exercise, consisting of a continuous moving belt on which to walk or run. Still confused as to why do you even need it? Well, it offers an alternative place to do your normal walk or run without worry about the weather or your safety in poor conditions. Among the plethora of choices, one remains forever confused about what is “The One”! One serious issue among the confusions is the right choice.

Thus we have the all-new “Afton GT-80 Steel Cardio Fitness Motorized Treadmill,” which might give you a basic picture regarding all the excellent features such a device is meant to have. In fact, the devices are best suited for Indoor exercise that gives you a consistent, controlled environment. Regular use of it, helps you lose weight, especially in combination with healthy changes such as an improved diet.

Color, Material Type, and Maximum Weight

It has the magnificent silver color with the entire frame being made of steel and can allow a weight up to 130 Kg.

Motor Power

It gives a continuous 2.5HP  up to a peak of 5HP DC Motor Power.

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What Do We like

Speed and Inclination

The speed varies in the range of 1-16 Kmph. The device can also be used for carrying out workouts other than walking and running since it has an inclination to 10 levels.

Track Size

It has a wide running surface of about  20?x55?  which ensures comfortable and efficient sessions.

Absorption Cushions

It has absorption cushions attached to it, which will prevent any injuries.

Heart rate monitor

It contains a heart rate monitor on the screen, which ensures your cardiac fitness along with the physical sessions you are working on.

What We Don’t Like


The device is costly and could not be afforded by every class of the society unless a proper EMI option is provided.

Caters Space

The device is not easily foldable, thus takes up enough space even when not in use.


The company’s one year warranty and easy to use and maintain the feature of the treadmill makes it worthy enough to be seen in every possible household which wishes to have a homely gym. Also, 24 * 7  helpline for the customers extends a supporting arm for them. Thus do give it a try if you are into such devices.

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Hari Priya

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