Afton AT94 Treadmill Review

Treadmills are the new gym that you can create in your place, or rather the new generation’s fitness means. A step forward from the traditional practices of walking and jogging a long way throughout the city or the village, these technologies have evolved to help one to walk or run over a particular small area and yet cover most of their health. The all-new “Afton AT94 Treadmill ”  marks its an appearance in the arena of such devices and wherein this could inturn throw a boon on all the fitness freaks.

The device is excellently made to primarily carry out practices such as running, walking, and jogging. But apart from these, it can also be used for carrying out some other kinds of stretching exercises one does. The silver-colored fitness device can, in fact, help you out with your fitness travel.

Track size

The treadmill has an overall running surface of  20?x 55? apart from the programs that could be set manually with a 24 Pre-set.

Material Type and Colour

The device is steel-framed beside the lustrous silver color it possesses.

Motor Power

It has a continuous D.C Motor power of 2.5HP and a peak power of 5HP, which is actually sufficient enough to get on with the purpose.

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What Do We like

Inclination and speed

It provides for an awesome 0-10 level inclination, which can help in with the sessions other than walking or jogging. It also has a speed range of about 1-16 km. More than enough, isn’t it?

Included Components

Apart from the AT94 Treadmill, you get a manual to guide you with it’s working and also a toolkit along with oil so that you will not have to run here and there whenever a minor problem appears

What We Don’t Like


The device is not in the easy reach of every section of the society as it is costlier.


They take a lot of space and are not foldable, thus they serve as a liability when not in use.


The company provides for a one-year warranty and a 24 * 7 available helpline that will help customers connect to them whenever an issue pops up. It is easy to use, maintain, and when you workout, it is meant to burn calories along with the other advantages such as curing the back pain problems and relaxing your mental health. It makes a person happy and active for all the activities one is supposed to perform. Thus this treadmill is definitely a must use when it comes to taking take care of your health rather than spending huge amounts on gyms.

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Hari Priya

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