Powermax Fitness Treadmills

Powermax is one of the best brands across India and the world. With its range of series, Powermax has quickly taken a huge portion in families and gyms. This is one of those few brands that are incredibly passionate about people’s wellness and exercise. 

As with every day, more and more people lead a restricted lifestyle of office work where they spend almost 12 hours, leading to more number of health issues. In such a scenario, having a treadmill that can quickly help you to run right at the convenience of your space is a great inclusion. 

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Great Navigation Console

Powermax has provided with secure navigation console so that you don’t need to call others for understanding how the buttons work.  

Cushioned Deck

Cushioning system in a treadmill is common but not the same. You need to know that the cushioning system does not mean that it will feel spongy or soft, but it will hit you back. Powermax offers a proper cushioning system that ensures no knee issues. 

Powerful Motor

Motor is the heart of a treadmill. By integrating a powerful motor, Powermax has taken care of the needs during an intense workout. Powermax has only integrated powerful motor of 3Hp and more to ensure good health and continuous functioning. 

Folding Mechanism

The folding treadmills make use of either one or two hydraulic pistons that again aids in lifting and lowering the deck. Softdrop mechanism ensures gentle dropping and lifting and which is what Powermax has integrated. This means you can now easily fold the treadmill without putting much effort. 

Speed Variation

To help everyone starting from a novice to people from Pro level, this treadmill ensures offering the best by integrating great speed variation by offering up to 20kmph speed limit. 


Incline feature is one of the fantastic features that ensure outstanding result compared to what just running on plain land can. With varying levels of inclination like 10%-12%, it offers uphill running, thereby offering the best results.

Maximum User Weight

Powermax treadmills have great maximum user weight. Mostly you will find these products having user weights of 100kgs or 130kgs that the treadmill can bear.  


Emergency button has been integrated into every treadmill, which helps to stop the treadmill immediately. Another is the safety tether key which has a cord that attaches with the clothing. Hence when the treadmill feels any issues like fainting, the treadmill immediately stops.