Afton AT75 Treadmill Review

Still searching for a perfect gym,  a perfect trainer, or perfect timing to kick start your exercise?  Well, why to waste time, when you could actually make your home feel like a gym that you can yourself build for you!  Yes,  you heard it right. All you need is a little amount of effort, and the consistency for you should always remember,  everything begins with a single step. So why not take this initial step with the all-new “Afton AT75 Treadmill”!

Its excellent motor power up to 3 HP is just enough to delight the fitness freaks.  Just like the silver color of the treadmill, it might actually lighten up the health of all those who seriously are in search of some change out of their unhealthy and stressful lifestyle.


Track Size

It contains about 400mm wide walking belt, which can help one to walk as comfortable as it suffices him.

Motor Power

It has a DC  motor power of about 1.5 HP to a peak power of 3HP, which is just enough to build up one’s positive and healthy mind.


The speed ranges between 1-12 KMPH, and thus a person can try running in pace with the range as much as he wishes to.

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What Do We like

Heart Rate sensor

The device contains a heart rate sensor that detects your heart rate, and this, in turn, makes you reassure the fitness tour you just took.


It has 0-10 levels of inclination, which can make your way easy to carry out various exercises other than walking and running.


It can be easily foldable and unfoldable. Thereby taking less space when not in use.

What We Don’t Like

High Chances to get Bored

While doing exercises,  one can find it boring after some time due to continuous workout any proper entertainment, for example,  the absence of a music system.

Mobile/Tablet cover

One has to take the risk of keeping their mobile phones somewhere while doing a workout or rather not carrying them at all.  This might be a problem for attending important calls in between.


The treadmill is excellent for all those who never wish to compromise with their health and want to stay fit forever.  The company’s warranty period of 1 year and it’s easy to use and maintain the property is enough to mark its appearance in any house. It also avails the 24*7 helpline for the customers regarding any issue with the device, thereby solving the customer’s problems immediately.

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Hari Priya

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