ViewSonic M1 LED Projector Review

ViewSonic M1 LED is an iF award-winning, LED portable projector that offers convenient and super entertainment in any environment. It features an in-built long-lasting battery, ensuring that users get to enjoy several years of undisrupted enjoyment.

Additionally, it comes with large internal memory, allowing users to store their media files in the projector and access them directly. The in-built speakers offer excellent sound quality, making the entertainment experience more satisfying. Coming from a trusted and reliable brand in India, users can be assured of durability and quality.


Lens Cap

This projector comes with a smart stand that serves as the lens cover, protecting the lens from damage whenever it is being moved around. Upon uncovering the lens cap, the projector powers on automatically. It also shuts down the projector automatically if it senses objects very near the lens.

Projection in All Directions

The projector is ideal for users wanting to feel like relaxing and unwinding; whether you are lounging on the sofa or curling up in bed, watching your movies or TV shows is more comfortable and enjoyable with the 360-degrees perfection projections that allow you to project images onto the floor, ceiling or wherever you please, easily.

Sound Quality

This projector comes with two Harman/Kardon Stereo speakers that deliver strong bass, balanced mids, and vibrant treble for an all-rounded immersive entertainment experience; these speakers provide clear and crisp sound for multimedia contents, whether it is listening to live concerts, watching music videos or movies.

Different Modes

The projection comes with varying modes of operation and they include:

Movie Mode

This mode makes the experience of watching movies enjoyable and unforgettable.

Bass Booster Modes

This mode oozes loud thuds and heavy bass, boosting low frequency to make users feel like they are in Music Concerts.

Instrumental Mode

This mode emphasis on vocal performances and instruments; it provides an acoustic feeling while users are listening to music.


The projector comes with a lamp life span of 30,000 hours; users don’t have to be worried about the extra cost of replacing the lamp since it runs for several years without needing replacement.


The projector is compact and weighs approximately two pounds, making it ideal to be moved from one location to another, or for outdoor/indoor usage without a hassle.

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What Do We like


This projector comes with versatile connectivity features including USB Type-C, USB Type-A, and MicroSD slot, making it ideal for displaying and sharing videos as well as other multimedia contents.

Ideal For Spaces of All Sizes and Shapes

The projector projects 100’’ pictures from 2.6 meters away through the short-throw ratio, making it ideal for projecting big images in tiny spaces.

Cinematic Experiences

This projector is a must-have for users who love outdoor excursions or camping. The built-in battery lasts for six hours, ensuring endless hours of entertainment without worrying about it going off.

What We Don’t Like

Sound Levels

If users need higher sound levels, then they have to connect the projector to external speakers. These speakers don’t come with the projector, meaning that they have to incur extra costs to purchase them separately.


This is the perfect projector for movie lovers who enjoy getting the cinema feel whenever they watch a movie. The ideal projector for guaranteed and satisfying home entertainment!

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