Optoma HD27HDR 4K Projector Review

The Optoma HD27HDR is excellent gaming and home entertainment projector. It’s affordable, yet comes with so much awesomeness in terms of features! It’s the only projector in the price range of under INR 10,000 that supports HDR10 and accepts 4K inputs. For instance, if you connect this projector to a 4K Blue-ray player, you can watch 4K HDR movies with HDR benefits.



The projector comes with a lamp life span of 15,000 hours, which translates to ten years while using it for 4 hours daily; users can be assured that they won’t need to incur extra costs in purchasing a new lamp for approximately ten years after purchase.

Image Quality

This projector comes with a brightness of 3,400 lumens, 1080P supports, and 50,000:1 contrast ratios; these features project razor-sharp, detailed, and bright images, enhancing the gaming and entertainment experience.


This projector is very easy to install; users don’t have to incur extra installation costs since they can easily install it by themselves.

In-built Speakers

The projector comes with 10W in-built Stereo speakers that deliver reasonable sound quality, which is adequate to fill small-mid-sized rooms.

Vertical Keystone Corrections

This projector comes with Vertical Keystone Correction features of +/-40 degrees; these features work by aligning any distorted images projected on the screens.


The projector comes with one year of manufacturers’ warranty for the projector and 90 days warranty for the lamp; users can have the projector replaced or repaired if it becomes faulty within a year after purchase. The lamp is replaced if it gets damaged within 90 days after purchase.

Fan Noise

The projectors’ rating for the fan noise is 26db in Eco Mode and 28 dB in the Full Power Mode. In the Full Power Mode, the noise is audible in silent if used in small rooms, while in the Eco Mode, it is quiet enough, and the noise can be easily hidden by other ambient sounds such as ceiling fans.

Throw Distance

The 1.1x zoom provides adequate throw distance ranges, allowing you to position it at the correct distance to attain the desired screen size. Additionally, you can also zoom to fine-tune the image sizes. The Projection Calculator can be used to calculate the desired throw distance ranges for clear and bright images.

RYGCWB Color Wheel

This projector comes with the SIX-segment RYGCWB color wheel that infuses rich color with excellent color accuracy in most modes, ensuring quality images.

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What Do We like

3D Performance

The projector comes with 3D support; it offers smooth motion in movie scenes, allowing users to watch movies in Red-Blue. It can also be switched between supporting Vesa RF glasses and DLP-Link. For users who are passionate about 3D, it also comes with 2D-3D conversion settings.

What We Don’t Like


This projector weighs 2.81 kg; users who love carrying their entertainment gadgets with them as they travel may not find this projector ideal because of its weight. Moving it from one room to another can also be an inconvenience.


The remote is a bit finicky; users need to point with precision to achieve consistent operation.


For the absolute gaming and eyountertainment experience, this projector is a must-have! Coming from one of the most trusted brands in India,  can be assured of efficiency, quality, and durability.

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