Epson EB-W05 WXGA Projector Review

Do you enjoy a big-screen experience and require a projector that will offer mind-blowing presentations? This Epson EB-W05 WXGA V11H840040 Projector with 3LCD technology and brightness of 3,300 lumens will do the trick for you! Designed with users on the go in mind, it is easy to install and transport. It comes at a competitive price and very durable, offering years of endless entertainment!

Massive Screen Size

This Epson projector comes with a gigantic screen size of 320 inches, making it ideal to be used in large conference rooms or meeting rooms. It’s of superb quality as well, coming with the 3LCD technology which brightens the display up to 3 times than its competitors. Users can adjust the screens to as little as 33 inches, depending on the size of the room and  their needs.

Image Quality

The projector features a brightness level of 3,300 lumens, 1280 x 800P WXGA resolutions, 16:10 aspect ratios, and 15,000:1 contrast ratios; these features ensure the projection of detailed, razor-sharp and colorful visuals, texts and graphics, ensuring that the audience at the back doesn’t strain to see what is projected. As well as enhancing the general movie-watching experience.


This projector comes with dual USB ports, Audio in, Wi-Fi, Wireless LAN, Composite in, HDMI in, and VGA in connection features; these allow users to connect their smartphones, OCs, laptops, X-box, Digital Cameras, and DVDs to the projector and view their content on the massive screens directly.

3LCD Technology

The projector comes with the 3LCD technology that enables the projection of crisp clear, colorful and bright images, graphics and texts even in extremely bright rooms.

Keystone Correction Features/Easy Setup

The projector comes with vertical and horizontal Keystone features that enable users to correct any distorted images while setting up, making installation hassle-free.


This projector comes with 10,000 hours lamp life span, even if it’s used daily; users are guaranteed low ownership costs since they won’t have to purchase a new lamp for several years after purchase.

Color Reproduction

The projector comes with a color reproduction of 1.07 billion colors, ensuring that the projected visuals and graphics are rich in color, enhancing the entertainment and presentation experiences.


Weighing 2.5kg, this projector is portable and can be moved conveniently from one meeting room to another without a hassle.


This projector comes with the following accessories that make it more convenient for users while it is in operation:

Carry case

Remote control, batteries

Power cable

User manual

User manual in CD format

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What Do We like


This projector comes with Kensington lock, Password protection, Wireless LAN lock, and Security cable hole security features; these features project users against theft, as well as unauthorized access on the projector.

Projection Distance

The projector comes with a projection distance of  1.68 m – 2.02 m; it can project crisp clear images at short intervals, making it ideal for use in small living rooms, meeting rooms, and classrooms.

What We Don’t Like

Fan Noise

The fan noise in this Epson projector is 37db, which is a bit high; it’s audible in quiet movie scenes and in some instances, during presentations, which can be distracting and irritating.


If you are in search of a projector that you can use for your presentations and carry it home with you to enjoy your movies in the evening, this is the projector for you! Fitted with all the must-have features in a business/entertainment projector, you can’t go wrong in purchasing it.

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