Epson X41 XGA 3LCD Projector Review

The Epson X41 XGA 3LCD is a projector suitable for the whole family; from delivering sharp and impactful presentations to watching movies, this projector will get it all done for you!

Even in extremely bright rooms, this projector produces a clear and bright image and graphics display with the3LCD technology and 3,600 lumens brightness levels. Additionally, it’s effortless to set up and move around, with its extended lamp life giving you value for your money.



The projector comes with a lamp life span of 10,000 hours, making it durable; it can run for fifteen years without needing replacement, assuring users of reduced ownership costs.

Image Quality

This projector features a brightness of 3,600 lumens, 1024P horizontal resolutions, 768 vertical resolutions, 4:3 contrast ratios, and 15,000:1 contrast ratios. These features ensure the projection of crystal clear, detailed, and bright graphics, texts, and images, making the entertainment experience more fulfilling and enabling the audience at the back of the room to see what is being projected clearly without straining their eyes.

3LCD Technology

This powerful yet cost-friendly projector offers remarkably colorful and bright visuals that come with clarity, thanks to the 3LCD technology; this technology provides equal levels of Color and White Outputs of 3,600 lumens.

Screen Size

The projector comes with a screen size of 300 inches, making it possible to be used in a large meeting or conference rooms; users can adjust the screen size to become smaller if using it smaller rooms.


This projector comes with two years of manufacturers’ warranty; users can get the projector fixed or replaced if it becomes faulty within two years after purchase. Epson has retail outlets across India, making it easy for users to get customer support.


The projector comes with impressive connectivity options, including modern VGA and HDMI inputs that allow users to connect to 2 sources simultaneously.

Users can project their content in high resolutions and definitions via the HDMI port and enable them to connect to many devices. It also comes with a USB port that facilitates PC-less presentations.

Keystone Correction Features

The projector comes with vertical and horizontal Keystone Correction features that allow for robust and unforgettable presentations, no matter the location in the room. Screen corrections are done accurately, quickly, and easily, even in small spaces. Distorted images are adjusted automatically, making the installation process easy.


This projector weighs 2.5kg, making it portable; it can be conveniently moved from one meeting room to another. It also comes with a carry case, making it easy to transport it.

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What Do We like

Air Filter

This projector comes with an extended lifespan of 10,000 hours, doing away with the need to maintain the air filters, reducing ownership costs for the users.

Hassle-Free Lamp Replacement

The lamp caps in this projector are located on the projectors’ upper part, making it easy for users to change the lamps with ease even if it’s mounted on the ceiling. Lamps can be replaced quickly without having to dismount the projector from the ceiling.

What We Don’t Like

Fan Noise

The fan noise level in this projector is 37db, which is a bit high; it can be heard in quiet movie scenes or during presentations, which can cause disruption and irritation.


This XGA Epson projector supports spreadsheets, PowerPoints, and many other training/teaching materials to be projected in clear detail, and it even copes with short videos well.  It’s mostly ideal for presentations, but it’s still used as a home entertainment projector.

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