Play MP-2 4k Projector Review

Play is one of the most famous brands across the globe. It is well known for the manufacturing quality and unique projector features that make the home entertainment unforgettable and rewarding.

Coming from the Play brand, the Play 4k Full HD LED projector is no different. It comes with all the must-have features in a home entertainment projector, including the unique 3D Stereo surround. Other users will find it ideal to use this projector in offices and for education purposes.



The projector comes with a one-year Play Warranty; users are advised to call customer support if they notice any manufacturing defects in the projector within a year after purchase for replacement or repair of the same.

Image Quality

This projector comes with a brightness level of 6500 lumens, 1920x1080P display resolutions,  8000:1 contrast ratios, and 16:9, 4:3 aspect ratios; these features help in the projection of clear, bright, detailed, and colorful visuals, making the movie experience more enjoyable and unforgettable.

Easy Installation/Keystone Correction

The projector comes with Keystone Correction features that help in the alignment of any distorted images during setup; this makes it easy to install the projector, even in small rooms.

Projection Distance

This projector comes with a projection distance of 1.2-8m; it can project images even at short distances, making it ideal for use in small to mid-sized rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms, classrooms, and meeting rooms.


The projector comes with a lamp life span of over 50,000 hours, even if it’s used for a few hours daily; it can run effectively for 15 years without needing replacement. Users have the guarantee of low ownership cost in that they won’t have to buy a new lamp for at least 15 years after purchase.

Screen Size

The projector comes with a screen size of 100.5 inches, projective massive cinema-like screens, right in your homes! Users get to enjoy the cinema/theater feel while watching their favorite movies with their loved ones. Users can adjust the screen size to be smaller, depending on their needs.

Supported Formats

This projector supports the following formats, giving users an array of options:

Audio Format: WMA, MP3

Image Format: PSD, PNG, GIF, JPEG

Digital Media Formats: WAV, AVI, DVD-Video, Blu-ray

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What Do We like

Bluetooth Connectivity

The projector supports Bluetooth connectivity, making it ideal for users to enjoy wireless streaming, as they do some other tasks.

Android OS

This projector comes with a built-in Android 6.0 OS, which allows users to shop online, surf the internet, and enjoy Android games. It’s ideal for users who love using the internet in particular.

Sound Technology

This Play Projector features two TWC 4o 3W 3D Stereo surround speakers; these speakers offer crisp, clear surround sound in all corners of the room while users are watching movies, resulting in an unbeatable entertainment experience.

What We Don’t Like


The projector is large and weighs 3kg; users who love carrying their entertainment gadgets with them will not find this projector idea since it’s bulky.


For users who enjoy home entertainment, this is the ultimate projector for you. From the 3D surround, the sound system to the limitless connectivity options, the entertainment from this projector is truly unbeatable!

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