Portronics POR 624 Projector Review

The Portronics POR 624 Projector is highly powerful yet extremely portable, and it’s ideal for giving training or presentations, as well as for watching movies. This projector is from the Portronics, a famous gadget brand that provides a wide range of quality projectors.

The brand is known for manufacturing all their projectors using advanced techniques and assured materials, making them stand out from the rest. Its products are widely sought after in the Indian market because of its quality and effectiveness. This projector can be comfortably used in a room with about 20 people, even in a dark room.



This is an ultra-portable projector meaning that users can carry it from place to place without straining. It’s compact and weighs 0.95kg, making it easy to move it around.


The projector is among the most flexible projectors available in the market; it comes with in-built multimedia engines that allow users to watch their movies through SD cards, laptops or USB drives via the HDMI cable. Users can also connect it through the Set-up box using an AVI cable that comes with the projector. SD cards and USB can accommodate almost all video formats, and it’s easy to use.


The projector is packaged in attractive packaging with one AV cable and a Power cable.


The projector comes with one year manufacturers’ warranty; in case it becomes faulty, users can contact the customer care representatives from Portronics to have it fixed or replaced.

Life span

This projector comes with a life span of 30,000 hours; users don’t have to be worried about extra maintenance costs since it’s durable.

Picture File Formats, Document Formats File and Languages

The projector supports PNG, BMP, and JPG picture file formats. Additionally, it supports 23 languages and TXT document file formats.

Image Quality

This projector comes with 4:3/16:9 aspect ratios and 800/1 contrast ratios, projecting quality, bright, and crisp, clear images.

Ease of Use and Installation

This projector is easy to install; users can install it by themselves without incurring extra installation costs. Additionally, it comes with remote control, which makes it easier to operate.

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What Do We like

Function ability and Efficiency

This projector produces absolute brightness making it ideal for use in dark rooms. Users can achieve 80-inch screen lengths by placing it 3.05 m or 10 feet away from the screens or walls. The projector is also ideal for use in offices for making presentations or for projecting slides in meetings.

AC Batteries

This projector comes with AC batteries, which means that users don’t need to incur extra costs in purchasing the battery.

Inbuilt Speakers

The projector comes with inbuilt speakers that offer quality sound. It also comes with AUX output enabling users to connect external speakers if need be.

What We Don’t Like

Text Clarity

Text clarity in this projector is a bit poor, meaning that using it for pdf, ppt, word, and Excel can be a bother.


This projector is of superior quality, and it works well for both office and home use. If you are a movie enthusiast, then this projector is the choice for you.

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