Play PP-003 Beamer Projector Review

The Play Company is a global brand dealing with the manufacture and export of projectors to many countries across the globe. The brands’ projectors are unique, affordable, durable, and very much sought after in India. It has an authorized dealer India, Advance Projector Inc., which is tasked with the delivery of the projectors to the customers, as well as customer support.


The projector comes with a lamp life span of 60,000 hours, which makes it durable; users can rest assured of low costs of ownership since it can run for close to twenty years, even when used daily without needing replacement.

Connectivity/Multi-Function Inputs

The projector comes with several connectivity features such as HDMI, SD Card, VGA, USB, Dual USB, and USB ports that make it more convenient to connect to smartphones, laptops, PCs, Blu-ray DVD players, and Digital Cameras. Users can view their files on the massive screens by connecting their devices through these ports.

Additionally, you can also connect PlayStations Switch/PS4/PS3 or X-One/X-360/X-Box via the HDMI port and enjoy your games on the big screens.

Supported Formats

This projector supports many formats that give users various options for viewing their contents and listening to audios including:

Digital Media Formats; WAV, AVI, DVD-Video, Blu-ray, MPEG

Audio Format; WMA, MP3

Image Format; PSD, JPEG, PNG, GIF

Screen Size

This projector comes with a massive screen size of 96 inches, allowing users to enjoy a cinema/theater feel as they watch movies in the comfort of their homes.

Image Quality

The projector features a brightness of 3000 lumens, 2000:1 contrast ratios, 4:3, 16:9 aspect ratios, enduring that projected images are clear, bright, and detailed, enhancing the entertainment experience for users.

Easy Installation/Keystone Correction Features

This projector comes with +- 15 degrees Keystone Correction features that align any distorted images during installation, making it easy to install.

Remote Control

This projector comes with a remote control that makes it easier and more convenient for users since they can operate it from whichever the position they are situated or lying down in the room.


The projector comes with some accessories that make it more convenient and easier for users while using this projector, and they include:

3D Glasses

Power Cable

Av Cable

Remote Control

VGA Cable


This Play projector comes with a one-year Play warranty; users can call Advance Projector Inc. with regards to any manufacturers’ defects in the projector within a year after purchase for replacement or repair.

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What Do We like

Unique Customer Support

Users can always call customer support representatives who are always ready to assist with the guidelines on the installation and use of this projector in the Indian language.

Projection Distance

The projector comes with a projection distance of 1.1-3.55meters; it can project crisp, clear images at short distances, making it ideal for living spaces such as living rooms or bedrooms.

What We Don’t Like

Fan Noise

The fan noise level in this projector is 32db, which may be reasonable, but it’s a bit high and audible; the noise can be heard in quiet movie scenes, which can be irritating for some users.


This is one of the Play projectors with the longest life spans, purchasing it means years and years of constant quality home entertainment for you and your loved ones!

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