Epson 536Wi 3LCD Projector Review

Project massive screens from short distances and make presentations more engaging and impactful with the 536Wi WXGA 3LCD Projector from Epson. This projector comes with all the must-have-features in a business projector, from the high resolutions to the limitless connectivity options. It comes from the trusted brand Epson, well known for its unique, efficient, and durable projectors.

Improved Interactivity Features

Interactive Pen

This projector enlivens your presentations through its interactive pen function; this feature converts the screens into large drawing boards, enabling users to freely interpret the projected contents, making presentations highly engaging and lively.

PC-free Interactive Functionalities

Users can write on the screens like whiteboards, without PC input sources. With this feature, presenters can annotate on the screens without PC connections, creating compelling presentations. This feature also enables two presenters to write at the same time, facilitating greater interactivity.


This projector comes with a lamp life span of 5,000 hours if running on normal mode or 10,000 hours or in Eco mode, making it durable; users can be assured that they won’t have to purchase a new lamp for several years, lowering their ownership cost.

Light Optimizer

The Light Optimizer feature in this projector adjusts brightness projection automatically according to visual content brightness, saving energy costs for users; the feature can be switched off/on, depending on the users’ preferences.

Flexible Positioning

This projector offers greater options for all manner of creative applications, regardless of the room sizes. This projector can be installed on walls or on tables, and it’s effective on all surfaces, be it chalkboards, whiteboards, or flat walls.

Auto Keystone Correction Features

This projector comes with both vertical and horizontal Keystone Correction features that allow users to intuitively and quickly correct any distorted images because of the projectors’ placement angles. Interactivity calibration is also easy and quick.

Smart Notebook Software

The projector comes with the Smart Notebook Software that creates dynamic content easily, delivering impactful and interactive presentations, making the learning experience real. Featuring many multimedia resources, customizable activity templates, and design features, this software provides all the needed tools for enriching interactive classroom experiences.

Image Quality

This Epson projector features a brightness of 3400 lumens, 16:10 aspect ratios, 1280P horizontal resolutions, and 800P vertical resolutions; these features help in the projection of quality, crisp clear, and detailed images, graphics, and texts, enabling the audience at the back to see without straining their eyes.


HDMI connectivity feature supports HDMI video and audio connections for HD projections with a single cable.

Moderator Function and MULTI-PC Projection; allows users to connect a maximum of 50 devices across a network, selecting a maximum of four displays that need projection at the same time.

LAN; enables wireless connectivity.


The projector comes with the following accessories:

5m USB cable

Remote Control

Power cable

Interactive pen

Software CD-ROM

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What Do We like

EasyMP Network Projection

This feature allows users to configure, organize wireless and wired connections with quality audio outputs, and carry on with their meeting simultaneously in at least four different locations. Users can broadcast messages to the different projectors for emergencies and announcements.

USB 3-in-1 Display

The projector comes with 3-in-1 USB displays that enable mouse operation, sound transmission, and image projection to be carried out conveniently using one USB connection, doing away with the inconvenience of messy and separate cabling.

What We Don’t Like


This projector is large in size and weighs 3.9 kg; it’s challenging to carry around and tedious to move from one room to another. Professionals who make their presentations in different locations will find it an inconvenience to carry it from one location to another.


This projector comes with several other unique features such as multi PC projections, excellent short-throw performances, one year Epson warranty, easy installation, minimized glare & shadow interference, cost efficiency, on-screen projector operations, in-built speakers, and so much more!

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