Optoma HD27e DLP Projector Review

Enhance your home theater experience with the Optoma HD27e DLP projector. It’s packed with unique features that offer rich cinematic images perfect for gaming and movies. Pairing this projector with Blu-ray players or gaming consoles or movies transforms your living spaces into big-screen home theaters. The crisp details and vivid colors from this projector is a must-have for gaming and Hollywood blockbusters.


This projector comes with USB power and dual HDMI ports that offer easy connectivity to the newest gaming consoles and HD video streaming gadgets. Users can connect their laptops, Digital Cameras, PCs, laptops, and X-box to the projector and enjoy their contents directly.

Image Quality

The projector comes with 25,000:1 contrast ratios, brightness of 3,400 lumens, 1080P resolutions, and reference display modes that enable precise REC.709 color; these features deliver clear, bright, and crisp visuals.

Eye Protection

Reflected light from this projector minimizes direct exposure to blue light, protecting the users’ eyes and making their viewing experiences more enjoyable.


This projector comes with a lamp life span of 12,000 hours; it can run perfectly for several years without being damages, saving users extra costs of purchasing new ones from time to time.

Enhanced Performance

Using the Eco Mode in this projector extends the lamp life span from 12,000 hours to 15,000 hours, reducing the frequency of lamp changes.

High Contrast

The projector features high contrast ratios that add more depth in bright and dark scenes, letting images to come alive, and projecting clear and crisp texts.

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What Do We like

Vertical Keystone Corrections

Vertical Keystone Correction features in this projector adjust vertical image angles, which in turn projects perfect square images. It’s useful for configurations in limited spaces, when the projector has been placed at off-angles, making installation easier

3D Support

The projector displays true 3d contents from most of the 3D sources, including 3D broadcasting, gaming consoles, and Blu-ray players.

In-built Speakers

This projector comes with a 10W mono speaker that delivers high-quality sound with adequate volume to fill small to mid-sized rooms comfortably, enhancing the entertainment experience while watching movies or gaming.

What We Don’t Like


This projector is large in size and weighs 3.06 kg; users who would prefer to carry their entertainment experiences with them while traveling will not find this projector ideal. Moving it from one room or location to another can be an inconvenience because of its weight.

Fan Noise

The fan noise in this projector is audible during quiet scenes in movies when it is in the Bright Mode.  However, it is reasonably low while in the Eco Mode, if it’s being used in a room with ambient noise. In the High Altitude Mode, the noise is loud in both Eco and Bright modes, which can be disturbing in quiet scenes, even in rooms with ambient noises



This is the ultimate projector for movie enthusiasts and game lovers. If you are searching for big-screen entertainment as you enjoy watching movies and gaming with your loved ones, this is the must-have projector for you!

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