BenQ MS610 Projector Review

The BenQ MS610 projector is designed to facilitate productive meetings that make it easy to connect presenters; it is a meeting room projector, and it possesses extraordinary wireless presentation capabilities when it’s paired together with the wireless dongles.

It comes with high brightness of 4,000 lumens, delivering powerful projection performances and environmentally-conscious operations. The projector is from the trusted brand BenQ which has its presence in many cities across India.


High Brightness Levels

The projector comes with high brightness levels that make it ideal for use while making presentations in brightly lit meeting rooms. It comes with 4,000 lumens of brightness, enabling comfortable presentations that promote note-taking, collaboration, and discussions in large meeting rooms that can accommodate more than 20 users while there is a bright light.

The 4,000 lumens allow participants who are seated at the furthest corner to see the slides clearly and boost the quality of pictures with vibrant colors for videos and pictures as well as fine details and crisp texts.

SmartEco Power Optimization

The BenQ projector comes with SmartEco Optimization technology that perfects the projectors’ power saving abilities. It delivers absolute brightness and perfect picture quality. The optimized lamp life comes with minimized energy costs and reduced lamp usage.

High Contrast Features

The projector comes with high contrast features of 20,000:1 that facilitate cleat texts, universal VGA and multi HDMI connectivity, power-saving, and MHL connectivity.

Maintenance Costs

The projector requires low maintenance since the lamp doesn’t need any replacement; it goes for 10,000 hours. Additionally, the LampSave Mode helps in adjusting lamp power according to the content, which extends projector life drastically compared to using the normal mode.

Ease of Use and Installation

The projector is easy to use, which allows users to make their presentations confidently, allowing them to focus on their meetings. Additionally, it’s effortless to install, meaning that users don’t have to incur any extra costs of installation.


This projector comes with one year manufacturers’ warranty; users can be guaranteed that the projector will be replaced or repaired if it becomes faulty after purchase.

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What Do We like

Image Adjustment Controls

This projector comes with versatile lens abilities and image adjustment features that allow it to align pictures in all environments. It comes with smart business functionality and design, making it ideal for presentations.

Display Colors

This projector comes with 1,07 billion colors, making it have diversity in image display.

Wireless Presentation Capabilities

This projector comes with wireless presentation features that do away with cable clutter, which facilitates convenient and immediate collaboration for better meetings and teamwork productivity.

LAN Control Compatibilities

This projector is widely compatible with top projector control systems such as AMX, Extron Control IP Link, PJ-Link, and Crestron for network control using LAN. This projector can easily integrate into local networks. The model also supports RS-232 for long-distance installations of up to 15 meters in situations where there isn’t LAN.

What We Don’t Like


The projector comes with inbuilt speakers, but the sound quality isn’t as good. Users have to use additional speakers, which may translate to extra costs.


This projector comes with many features that make it ideal for business presentations. It comes from one of the most trusted brands in India, meaning that users can get it from any of the retail outlets in India or from the leading online stores and get it delivered at their doorstep.

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