BenQ MX 532P Projector Review

The BenQ MX 532P 3D XGA comes from the BenQ brand. The brand has its Headquarters in Taipei, having operated successfully for more than ten years. It has garnered a strong presence in the Indian market, becoming a leader in the projector and gaming monitors markets in India.

This business projector is suitable for reliable, simple performances in meeting rooms; it combines hassle-free operations, digital connectivity, bright picture qualities, with sensible power savings, as well as cost friendliness.

Image Quality

This projector features a brightness of 3,300 ANSI lumen, 4:3 aspect ratios, 15,000:1 contrast ratios, and 640 x 480 VGA to 1920 x 1200 WUXGA resolutions; these features ensure the projection of bright images that aid in stunning presentations and crisp readability. An additional feature is that it supports 3D images


The projector comes with two years manufacturers’ warranty; the projector can either be replaced or repaired if it becomes faulty within two years after purchase.

Easy Installation

The projector is easy to install, and it comes with a user manual that gives clear and east guidelines on the setup process; users can install it by themselves, saving them extra installation costs.

Remote Control

This projector comes with a remote control that allows users to operate it from a distance; users don’t have to go and change settings or content manually in the middle of a presentation, which can cause disruption.


This projector supports 28 languages, making it possible for users who don’t comprehend the English language to use it with ease.

Segment Color Wheel

The projector comes with the RYWCBG segment color wheel, which helps in projecting crisp, clear texts and graphics, making it possible for users sited at the back to view what is being projected without straining.


This projector comes with a lamp life span of 10,000 while running on Eco Mode; users can be assured that they won’t incur extra costs for purchasing a new lamp for several years after purchase.


The projector comes with 1.07 billion colors, ensuring that the graphics and texts being displayed during presentations are clear and bright.

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What Do We like


This projector comes with password protection and an integrated security port that helps in guarding it against unauthorized access and theft.

Fan Sound

The fan noise level in this projector is 29db, which is tolerable. It isn’t as audible, and users can go about their presentations without worrying about the disturbance.

Freeze Feature

The projector comes with a freeze button; this feature allows users to blank out the screens as the presentations are going on if they need to manage their content or refocus the ongoing discussions, making it very convenient.

What We Don’t Like


The projector is large and weighs 3.61kg; this isn’t ideal for professionals who make presentations from place to place. Carrying it with them or moving it from one meeting room to another can be a challenge.


The BenQ brand provides the most inclusive projection solutions for educational and corporates purposes. This projector has all the must-have features in business projectors, making it ideal for whatever kind of presentations.

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