BenQ HT3050 Projector Review

The HT3050 projector from the BenQ brand offers cinematic pictures using Rec, 709 color productions; this is a distinctive color which shows the ability of the projector to provide life-like color saturations. The projector has 2000 lumens with DLP engines and 240W lamps that offer 3500 lamp life hours while in the normal mode and 6000 hours while using the SmartEco mode.


VGA and Dual HDMI Inputs

This projector comes with VGA, component video, composite video, as well as two HDMI inputs; it can accept many sources. One of the HDMI sources supports MHL, allowing users to charge compatible devices. The second port is the USB interface, which powers devices powered by USB, i.e., streaming players.

Rec.709 For Authentic Cinematic Colors

This projector comes with Rec .709, which is an international standard that certifies that this projector reproduces cinematic color palettes. It uses RGBRGB color wheels that come with custom segment coatings as well as angles, achieving Rec.709 color reproductions, giving Hollywood studio colors out-of-the-box.

Software Optimization

This projector comes with software optimization that maximizes the color accuracy by adjusting the colors towards the standards that are defined by Rec.709.

Six-Segment Color Wheels

This projector comes with six-segment color wheels that have been re-designed using a 6x speed that maximizes depth and the color of images projected on the screen.

3D color Control Features

This projector comes with color management tools that allow viewers to tune the hue, gain, and saturation of 6 colors (Y/M/C/B/G/R).

ISFccc Modes

This projector comes with ISFccc modes that are powered by professional calibrators that provide optimized Night/Day viewing.

All-Glass Optics

This projector comes with low-dispersion lens coatings and all-glass optics that help in reducing chromatic aberration, projecting crisp, and sharp videos on the screens.

High Hill Features

This projector comes with high hill features that reflect more light into all pixels, improving the definition of details and small texts, which eliminate “screen door effects.”

Side Projections with 2D Keystone

The projector comes with vertical and horizontal keystone correction that do away with trapezoid effects whenever the projector is placed at any indirect angles away from the screens; this allows users to place the projector on side tables or corners, facilitating projection in many places.

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What Do We like

Colorific Technology

This projector makes use of colorific technology that optimizes images for color balancing effects, which makes it ideal for photographs, spreadsheets, movies, and presentations. It generates over one billion colors creating vibrant images, making it stand out.

Wall Color Correction Features

This projector comes with wall color correction features that are used in normalizing images when being projected onto color surfaces, offering flexibility to enjoy your movies or images in different rooms in the house.

 SmartEco Features

This projector comes with SmartEco features that adjust the lamp brightness automatically based on contents to increase contrast and project rich blacks for subtle details and tiny texts.

Vertical Lens Shift Flexibility

This projector comes with a lens shift that offers flexibility to move images optically on the screen, overcoming small installation miscalculations.

What We Don’t Like


This projector doesn’t come with any warranty from the manufacturer; this means that if it gets faulty, then users have to incur extra costs for repairs.


This is undoubtedly one of the best projectors that you can purchase to enjoy watching your movies on a big screen or for making presentations. It’s of high quality and durable, and the good thing is that it needs very low maintenance costs.

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