BenQ MH550 Projector Review

The BENQ MH550 projector provides brilliant Full HD images, irrespective of the brightness in the boardrooms or classrooms. This projector displays excellent quality in images; it has 3500 lumens brightness and contrast ratios of 20,000:1, producing sharp images.

It allows users to make their presentations with all the blinds open and the lights on. With the high contrast ratios, the whites stand out from the blacks, making the darker areas to be more defined.

Full HD Resolutions

This projector comes with Full HD Resolutions that offer crisp and ultra-sharp images making it suitable for many uses from movies to basic data. These resolutions enhance productivity in dealing with professional presentations. The dual megapixel high resolutions offer enhanced detailed pictures and special presentations real estate for additional content.


This projector can be easily used as a mobile projector since its light in weight, with it weighing only 2.3KGs, making it super portable.

Easy Installation

It’s easy to install this projector by yourself; this means that users don’t need to pay for extra installation costs. Additionally, you can always reach out to the readily available customer care representatives in case you get stuck.

Vertical Keystone Corrections

This projector comes with vertical keystone features that give users more flexibility when mounting it, ensuring that the images are in the center of the screens even when the projector has been mounted slightly incorrectly.

Built-In Speakers

This projector comes with 2W inbuilt speakers; users may need to add extra speakers in case they have a large audience. The sound isn’t as loud.

HDMI and VGA Features

This projector comes with HDMI and VGA inputs making it very easy to connect it to tablets/laptops via these inputs. Additionally, you don’t have to swap cables around when in need of connecting two sources simultaneously. These features allow users to interact instantly without using complicated IT support systems.

Standby Mode

This projector maintains power consumption at a minimum by consuming only 0.5W while in the standby mode. This innovation helps users to save more than 70% on the lamp power energy usage and lowering maintenance costs via power-saving technologies while offering ultra-vivid viewing experiences into all presentations.

 Pixel Fill and Contrast Factor

The BENQ brand ensures that this particular projector comes with pixel fill and contrast factors’ this ensures that the projector produces unmatched readability and truest blacks with all characters, graphs, as well as charts that are crisply defined. The pixel fill factor accelerates clarity for white and black or even for color images, as well as reducing eye strain for audiences and presenters helping them to focus on the presentations.

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What Do We like

High Brightness

One outstanding factor about this projector is that it allows comfortable presentations even when the lights are on, promoting collaborations, discussions, as well as note-taking in bigger meeting rooms that can accommodate more than 20 users at a time.


This projector comes with two years’ manufacturers’ warranty after the date of purchase. Users can be guaranteed continued after-sales-services after purchasing the projector.

What We Don’t Like


There aren’t any free installation services offered, as much as the installation process is easy. Some users may find it hard to install, meaning that they may have to incur extra installation costs.


This projector is among the projectors with more advanced and better features in this price range. Additionally, the lamp doors in this projector are easy-to-open, allowing fast lamp access, replacement, which reduces the maintenance costs for users.

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