BenQ MS535P Projector Review

BENQ MS 535P projector is a 3600 Lumen ANSI projector that offers absolute brightness, which results in stunning presentations.  The projector is manufactured for reliable and simple performances for users both at home and in offices in their everyday lives. It combines top-quality pictures, hassle-free operations, as well as convenient digital connectivity using environmentally-conscious powers to make savings on energy costs.

High Brightness

The projector comes with 3,600 lumens of brightness that offer comfortable light levels while users are entertaining themselves in rooms that are well lit. This top-quality luminance provides pictures of high quality that come with vibrant colors for videos and images coupled with fine details and crisp texts.


The projector comes with a manufacturers’ warranty of 2 years on the main unit and three months for every 500 hours used on the lamp. Users can be guaranteed of excellent aftercare services in case their projectors become faulty after purchase. Important to note is that the warranties don’t cover any physical damages.

High-Quality Images

This projector comes with high native contrasts of 15,000:1 that are enabled by the high-tech DLP technology systems and the 5G glass optical lenses that offer decisive, smooth, and detailed mid-toned color transitions, as well as razor-sharp scenarios.

Multiple VGA and HDMI Inputs

Twin HDMI and two VGA inputs enable users to connect their projectors very quickly to their most desired games, events, or movies. Many ordinary inputs enable users to set up the projector in a less complicated manner that saves time for you and your family when you want to have fun.

Big Screen Features

The projector allows users to enjoy 100” screens; short-throw technologies coupled with 1.2 big zooms, which allows it to be placed in smaller spaces without any hassle on installation.

Vertical Keystone Corrections

The projector comes with vertical keystone corrections that allow perfect alignment in images. They counter the trapezoid effects when this projector is placed off-center; these functions adjust the images to perfect square images. Keystone correction features make it very simple to project aligned images from different locations.


The projector comes in sleek and compact designs with sculptured patterns that resist fingerprints and dust when the projector is moved from place to place.

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What Do We like

Remote Control and Intuitive Keypads

This projector comes with intuitive keypads and remote control layouts that make it very simple to adjust pictures whenever the projector is moved.


This projector is very bright and can be used comfortably outside for presentations.

SmartEco Mode

The projector comes with the SmartEco Mode that determines the level of brightness needed for maximum contrast and color performance; the mode brings down the lamp power while providing the best image qualities. It perfects the DLP’s power-saving capabilities while offering excellent quality pictures and uncompromised brightness.

What We Don’t Like

No such cons were observed so far


This is an excellent projector for presentations and watching movies on the big screen. Users can purchase it online or in retail shops across India.

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