Microwave Accessories List

Cooking various types of food in the microwave oven has become very easy nowadays — all you need the right accessory to make it happen. A microwave oven can do many things starting from reheating the food even to make pizza or grill bacon.

We will discuss some of the accessories that will make your microwave cooking easier. These accessories will provide crispy foods, better cooking.

Microwave Oven Accessories


The turntable plate is an essential part of a microwave oven. The tampered glass allows your food plate/bowl to sit on it and rotate while the microwave is doing its job.

You must have a backup of this plate because it tends to get dirty very often. If you have a replacement plate, then you can wash the previous one while using its replacement. In case if the first plate breaks, then you have another one to use for now.

Microwave plate cover:

You should never put any food to reheat in your microwave oven without any lid or a cover. Food will splatter during the heating process, creating a mess inside your microwave oven. Buying a microwave-ready plate cover is much better than spending hours cleaning it, right?

Microwave oven gloves:

The microwave-oven safe plate or bowl you put inside the microwave to heat food tends to get very hot. Trying to take that bowl or platter out using your bare hands could be dangerous. Your skin may burn. This is where oven mitts come in.

Made from 100 percent cotton, it gives a good grip and filled with 3.5 layers of cotton for heat insulation and softness. While wearing these gloves, you can safely remove hot dishes from the oven. These gloves are usually washable.

Microwave Tawa:

Prepare fluffy chapatis (tortilla) and parathas using microwave tawa. These tawa’s are usually made of aluminum or ceramic. They are very sturdy, 2.4 times more durable than steel, and non-toxic, which is good for your health.

Always use microwave-oven safe utensils for cooking in your microwave oven.

Pasta cooker:

Cooking pasta is now easier than ever. This microwave-ready pasta cooker can also be used to make spaghetti. The microwave-safe plastic containers come with a lid and opening for the pasta. It is a great accessory to have in your household for pasta lovers. Make sure that you do not put the pasta sauce with it.

Microwave crisper:

It is a well-known fact that heating food in the microwave takes away the taste and texture of the food, sometimes it becomes a little soggy. A microwave crisper restores the taste and texture in food and prevents it from becoming soggy. Food items like pizza or bacon, which are crispy, must be made using a crisper for better results.

Baking tray:

Now bake beautiful cakes with a baking tray and enhance your baking experience. The baking trays are made of carbon steel and come with non-stick food-grade coating. It is highly durable and conducts heat rapidly and evenly.

Bakeware products enable you to create delicious bakes such as chocolate brownies, fruit cakes, and more.

Cupcake pan:

Yes, with this small accessory, you can bake cupcakes on your own. This is an excellent accessory for people who have children at home. Make sure to buy one which is made of high-grade black aluminum so that it heats evenly, ensuring perfect baking results. Wash them properly after every use.

Popcorn popper:

Everyone likes popcorn with a movie or while watching any sports. The popcorn popper will make sure you get your popcorn in no time.

The benefit of having a popcorn popper is you can add toppings like butter or caramel. It comes with a measuring spoon to get the exact amount of popcorn and butter every time.

Soup mug:

If you live alone, then a soup mug is the perfect accessory for you. It will help you cook soup in the microwave oven. Cooking canned soups is even easier now. Pour it into the soup mug, and the microwave oven will do the job.

Be cautious while taking it out by the handle (it might be hot). Most of these microwave-safe soup mugs come with a lid to prevent splattering of soup inside the microwave. The soup is cooked and consumed from the same mug leaving you with fewer dishes to wash.

Potato bag:

We all love baked potatoes, don’t we? Having a potato bag will allow you to bake the potatoes in your microwave safely. There will be no mess because these bags will handle it all. The best part of these bags is that they are washable so you can reuse them. Also, it bakes the potato in around 5 minutes, so no waiting anymore.

Egg maker:

There are two types of egg maker in the market. One needs you to crack the egg and put the contents in it, and the other one requires you to put the whole egg with some water. One will prepare you scrambled eggs, and another will give you hard-boiled eggs. This is a useful accessory that will help you make breakfast very quickly, and it creates no mess whatsoever. Once you are done with the egg maker, wash them for reuse purposes.

Microwave cart:

If you have limited space in your kitchen or you need your microwave to move very often, then this is the right thing for you. Place your microwave oven on the microwave cart, and it will let you store it someplace else when not in use. The wheels in these carts make it easier to move. Keep in mind that microwave carts are only for countertop microwaves.

Coffee maker:

A microwave-safe coffee maker is a very commonly used accessory in most of the household. It is effortless to use, add some water, coffee/tea, and some sugar. Microwave it for a few minutes (Details/Exact time needed will be written on the manual), and it will provide you with freshly brewed coffee or tea. Having this coffee maker means you don’t need to buy a different appliance only for coffee making.

Microwave plate stacker:

Plate stackers are the example of how these little gadgets can save time and space both. It will cut your cooking time in half. Kill two birds with one stone, cook or heat two food dishes simultaneously using plate stackers.


These high-quality grill racks are usually made of steel. Just place your bacon/chicken on this rack and put them into your grill microwave with the correct setting to grill. Some of them come with a cover. They are very easy to clean but are a little expensive for a rack.

Steam sterilizer:

If you have kids at home, then this is a must-have accessory for you. These are used to steam clean the infant bottles so that there is no bacteria or germs left. You can clean more than one bottle at one go. These sterilizers come with a cover.


These were some of the accessories that you may need for a microwave oven at starting. Many others are not on the list. These things will ease your cooking, saves your time, money, and space. Go through this article properly to know which one of these accessories you need right now.

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