kitchen chimney size/dimension calculator

Whenever a kitchen chimney is mentioned, its suction power steals the discussion.

However, we rarely talk about the size and dimensions, they are among the most important factors. Considering these values during your installation will determine the effectiveness of the chimney. 

How much surface area should the kitchen chimney cover? This is basically the question you should ask yourself as you make your selection.

Usually, they come in two sizes; 60cm and 90cm. The right size for you will depend on two main factors, as mentioned below. 

Calculate the Kitchen’s Volume 

The first step in determining the kitchen chimney’s size is by first finding the room’s capacity.

Of course, this is a product of three dimensions (height, width, and length). So, all you need to do is measure the three values, then multiply them together. 

The volume of your kitchen will determine the size of the chimney required to suck all the air from the room.

By multiplying this volume by ten, you will find the suction power, which in turn will give you an idea of how big or how small the appliance should be. 

The size of your stove

To determine the right dimensions of your chimney, this is one thing that should be prioritized. As a rule of thumb, the chimney hood should never be smaller than the cooker. 

If, for instance, the stove is 60cm (2 to 4 burners), then the chimney should measure at least the same size. Another cooker you possibly have is one with 3 to 5 burners, which requires a chimney measuring at least 90cm.

Remember, a smaller appliance will not suck all the air, hence leading to a messy kitchen. 


There are two main sizes of a kitchen chimney; 60 and 90cm. To determine the ideal size from the two, you must consider the capacity of the room and the size of your stove area.

Never use a chimney that doesn’t cover the entire stove area; otherwise, it’s operation may not be as effective as you’d like.


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