Sunflame Kitchen Chimneys

Sunflame is an emerging brand in the home appliances industry in India. Sunflame has been in the home appliances segment since 1984 and since its inception, the brand has seen steady growth. Today the brand enjoys a decent reputation among the Indian customers. It is headquartered in Delhi. This brand focuses on kitchen chimneys, cooktops, cooking ranges, and other small kitchen appliances. 

Sunflame offers many types of kitchen chimneys to choose from. Before you invest none, make sure to check out the buying guide that will help you make the right purchase.

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How Does Sunflame Fair As A Kitchen Chimney Brand?

Sunflame has managed to increase its market share year after year. Sunflame chimneys have managed to capture the entry-level users, and it is working towards increasing its market share among the premium range of customers by launching a number of high-end models. Let us list here some of the top qualities of Sunflame kitchen chimneys. 

  • Very competitively priced chimneys. 
  • Entry-level chimneys are available for under INR 4000. 
  • Quality is not compromised despite its low prices
  • Very sleek and trendy designs
  • Good performance if installation specifications are correctly followed in terms of kitchen size.
  • Various capacities to suit all kitchen sizes
  • Suitable for heavy oil Indian cooking
  • Auto clean models with zero maintenance hassles
  • Dependable customer service

Sunflame USP

Sunflame kitchen chimneys thrive on this one word, ‘simplicity’. Yes, these kitchen chimneys just perform what they are meant to do and what they promise that they will do. They keep the air in the house free cooking smoke and odors. The brand focuses on high-performance designs because kitchen chimneys in Indian kitchens are exposed to extreme conditions and Sunflame manages to withstand all those challenges. 

The second important USP of the brand in the past years has been a wide range in terms of pricing. You will be able to find entry-level kitchen chimneys for under INR 4000 and also a high-end premium range of chimneys. The Indian market presents such a wide range of customers like no other country.

Only when a brand meets the entire spectrum of customers, it will be successful. Clearly, Sunflame has learned its trick and is doing well. 

The third important USP of the brand is good customer service. It is very easy to upset the Indian customers and to make them switch brands if the post-sale support is not good. This is where Sunflame focuses next, it offers very reliable post-sales support to its customers on all repair and maintenance calls. 


Those who are looking for an affordable chimney that just delivers on its promises Sunflame will be one of the best brands to consider. This brand does not complicate things, but it keeps things simple and this is one of the reasons you are able to find such low price tags on these kitchen chimneys.

You will be able to enjoy excellent value for your money when you choose Sunflame. These kitchen chimneys are available in all price ranges and you will certainly not be disappointed with this brand. It works well in tough Indian kitchens, clearing the air of fumes and odor fast.