Faber Kitchen Chimneys 

Faber is an Italian company and a global leader in the kitchen hood segment. The company was founded in 1955 and the brand is present in many European countries and the US. This brand gives a tough competition to all the other brands in the kitchen chimneys segment, both Indian companies as well as other international brands. 

Faber offers many types of kitchen chimneys that you can look through to make the right investment. 

Before you purchase a kitchen chimney, ensure to check out the buying guide because that will help you make an informed decision.

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How Does Faber Fair As A Kitchen Chimney Brand?

Faber has a very strong presence in India, a very high level of penetration not only in top tier cities but also in the second-tier cities. It is one of the top-rated brands and enjoys a very good reputation in the country.

We could list a number of factors that make the brand a super-player in the kitchen chimneys segment. Here are a few such factors to list.

  • Strong brand reputation to vouch for the quality.
  • Premium designs
  • Excellent performance
  • Made of durable materials to make the chimney last a lifetime
  • Available in a wide range of capacities to meet the needs of all sizes of kitchens
  • Wall-mounted, as well as ceiling mounted options, are available
  • Suitable models and variants are available for domestic as well as commercial purposes
  • Entry-level chimneys are available for prices under INR 7000
  • Less noisy models are available
  • No maintenance hassles, making it a highly reliable equipment
  • Highly responsive service network

Faber USP

Faber has built its brand reputation and its USP on dependability. The brand delivers consistently when it comes to quality and if it were not to be for its outstanding quality, Faber would not have become such a popular global brand. Along with quality the brand continually invests in refining its products to suit the needs and demands of the customers across the globe.

It is one of the traits of all the top global brands. They invest heavily in market research to understand the pulse of their customers so that they meet their needs in the most effective way and this applies to Faber as well. 

Added to that, Faber also boasts of its 120 service stations across the country and over 500 service technicians. All the service calls are highly streamlined to ensure speedy service to the customers. 


Faber kitchen chimneys will certainly impress you in terms of its looks and also in terms of its performance. Despite being an international brand, when it comes to pricing Faber has taken an aggressive approach towards its pricing to make the product pricing highly competitive to make top-notch chimneys easily accessible to everyone. 

The brand continues to grow stronger in India with more and more new homeowners opting for Faber kitchen chimneys. These chimneys enjoy the very good word of mouth references from its existing customers.

If it were not to be for the best performance, this would not happen. You can confidently go for Faber chimneys and it worth every rupee that you put out towards this product. Those who have an eye for premium quality will go for Faber.